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  1. As title, Mk3/4 brand new windscreen for sale. Green tint with blue sun strip. I'll add picture tonight. £160 collection only. Post Code EH51
  2. No, it's a private car collector from Belfast. It's going to a nice air conditioned garage along with all his other toys. It's getting picked up on the 23 August and transported back to Ireland in a curtain side car transporter. Looks like it's going to a good home.
  3. Magazine feature in 1999 Classic Ford, it was also featured on Retro Ford 2009 and a couple more pics.. Thanks for the comments guys.
  4. Having debated this with myself for a long time now, I have made the decision that the time is right for me to part with the Super Speed. Most of you on here will know the car and know that it is in fact a genuine Super Speed, one of only 2 known left. The car is the original SVO shell, albeit with panels replaced and the original engine, although this has been subject to a complete rebuild and modified. I have the verification letter from Super Speed and the SVO original SVO vin tag, although not on the car as it is a bit worse for wear. Specification is as follows: 2 Door GXL, with all the chrome trim removed,I still have most of the chrome in the garage. The fact that it is a 2 Door GXL is rare aswell. Completed Leather Bespoke Interior, Tombstone front seats, GXL back seat. RS 4 Spoke Steering Wheel 3304cc Swaymar Heads Metal Timimg Gear Oil Cooler Swirl Pot Fuel Pressure Valve Electric Fule Pump Electronic Ignition Kenlowe Fan Ceramic Coated Engine Manifolds Uprated Alternator New Battery 5 Speed Cosworth/Mustang T5 Gearbox, original 4 speed couldn't take the power. I do still have the Ford bellhousing in the garage for the 4 speed. Upgraded Brakes, i.e. Princess 4 pot calipers and 2.8i. vented discs Anti Roll Bars Front and back Uprated Springs Gas Shocks Brand New Fuel Tank Brand New Windscreen Bespoke Image Alloy Wheels 195x50x15 BF Goodrich tyres Full Stainless Exhaust, that makes a really nice sound Alpine Stereo MOT'D till April 2015 Taxed till March 2015 (Tax Exempt) Painted in Ford Vison Blue, VW Maritime Blue Stripes with Rainbow fleck. There are no stickers on this car even the Super Speed logos are painted on. The car has also been painted VW Maritime Blue on the floor, boot and engine bay. I have owned this car since June 2008 and it has never missed a beat, it is fast and it is loud. This car has been maintained no matter what the cost. Bad Points are: Clock doesn't work, that's it. This car can only be described as stunning and in excellent condition. So if you want to be a little bit different and have a Cortina that is even rarer than a Savage or a Lotus, please get in touch. It's not going to go cheap but it will be cheaper than an RS Escort or a MK1 Lotus Cortina. Please PM me through the forum if you are interested. Thanks
  5. Robo1

    2.0 gxl

    Good Luck with the sale George.
  6. great mate will love to see it once its on the road I should have 1 very soon :)

  7. Not yet, it needs a bit more work than looks in the pictures. I have a new vinyl roof, welder lined up and just need to get the painter sorted. I am trying to have it on the road this summer though.

  8. Hi mate you purchased a lovely motor damn I was too late only have just seen the thread shame to see it that state but its still looking good have you got it on the road yet ??

  9. Robo1

    MK4 2.3 ghia cortina

    Yes, I couldn't bear to see the car in the condition it is in just now. I will get it all sorted back to its former glory and then we'll see what happens from there.
  10. Mk3's are definately the coolest out of all the Cortina Mk's :thumbup:
  11. Robo1

    black numberplates

    are they the clear indicator lenses? if so where do you get them? i want a set but cant find them anywhere. Yes they are clear lenses and I got them from Dave at Old Parts Store, they come up in ebay every now and again as well.
  12. Robo1

    black numberplates

    www.fancyplates.com is where I got mine for my old MK4. Same colour as yours, really rare http://www.buysellcortina.co.uk/forums/ind...c=19781&hl=
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