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  1. got a pair of those johnny, pm me your details again
  2. usually when chassis legs are bent in this way its because its had a bump on the end of the chassis leg at the back and if you try to fit a new section it won't fit because the boot floor will be bent as well and the profile of the chassis will now be different to the floor unless you give it a pull, it won't be apparent to the naked eye but it will be there.
  3. I honestly don't know, but if you try to lock the latch on its own it doesn't seem to work so i'm assuming it's the other end. it did work perfectly on the door, maybe someone on here can shed a light on it.
  4. i'll send you them both, you don't think you'll want the other end then that the interior handle goes on to because I think it's that that allows it to lock.
  5. KI Hi Johnny got a pair but don’t know which is which
  6. it fits to the outside, you have a speed nut missing that goes through the bracket and a self tapper that goes through the seat bracket into the speed nut if that makes any sense!
  7. got a nos one pm me your details
  8. sorry I didn't get back to you sooner, i've got two, a blue and a black, unfortunately my mate tidied the workshop a couple of weeks ago and can't remember where he's put them!
  9. I have one of those knocking about at work, give me a couple of days to find it
  10. can you pm me your postcode and i'll get back to you, cheers
  11. hi, I have a complete exhaust in mild steel in excellent condition, came off a '66 super, hadn't been on the car very long and i've had in storage 15 years
  12. got neck complete with hose and seal, pm me your details and i'll post tomorrow
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