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  1. Ok, thanks anyway for letting me know.
  2. Need both sides, ideally. Thanks
  3. Hi, do you have any Cortjna Mk2, 2 door rear wings? Thanks
  4. Do you have any Cortina mk2, 2 door rear wings? Thanks, Andy
  5. Anyone have one of these they want to sell? Thanks
  6. Anyone have one of these they want to part with?
  7. Hi Chris. Hope you're well. Just wondered whether you had a spare LHS flitch (rib) panel for a MK2 Cortina? Andy
  8. Looking for both rear chassis rails (from rear spring front hangers to rear valance) and both rear wings to fit a Mk2 Cortina. Thanks
  9. Ok mate. Let me know if you do. Cheers
  10. Hi Kev Any chance you have any MK2 chassis rails (from front spring hanger to rear valance)? Also would you have a couple of rear wings too? Thanks Andy
  11. I'm looking for some panels for a Mk2 Cortina. Need: - Rear chassis rails Rear spare wheel well panel Rear tool well panel Thanks
  12. Hi, would you have a rear chassis rail for a Mk2? Particularly nearside. Thanks.
  13. I don't suppose you have any rear chassis rails for the Mk2 by any chance? Thanks
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