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  1. i'd only give £2K tops, very clean and i've always wanted one registered on the same day i was born which this is! sadly though no dice
  2. Have you any photos of it since you done the repairs? what is the current state of the exhaust blow back and the front brakes that you mentioned in your original post? cheers
  3. 2 year later.. Stuck clutch.. Rear brakes jammed.. Flat Tyres.. Flat batterys.. etc If I leave my shed longer than a few days she refuses to budge.. :cheers: To quote the Hoosiers song "Goodbye Mr A"
  4. andy lowe

    Series 2 E

    Will contact him asap. cheers Howard.
  5. andy lowe

    Series 2 E

    Any particular colour Howard? i've a set of 4 black S2 1600E door cards and i may even be able to drop off in Kent as i'm in the vicinity on Fri/ Sun. £30 for the lot.
  6. you didn't miss much anyway, what a load of rubbish. now i remember why i haven't gone to it for nearly 4 years. probably only half the stands they used to get and all spread out to make the hall look full lol. most of them only sold the "use once and they break" tools.
  7. I thought you were a Cortina shop Bodie>? :bleh:
  8. andy lowe

    Mk5 2.3

    Good luck with the sale, what sort of MR2 do you have? I've got a Mk1 at the moment myself
  9. bttt I'm offering these one last time, I want them out of my garage asap (new year clearout). They are free and must be picked up I don't have the time or means to deliver them
  10. I may be wrong but i think it's a HER that owns it. I remeber seeing this in Oakham Co-op car park when i was in my Mk2 on the way to the Mk3 gathering last July Good luck with it Tony
  11. I should add to Karl (H-reg-E)'s comments that photos really do not do the car justice, it is absoloutely immaculate throughout if i was looking to buy another one tomorrow i'd have it! I believe he's only selling it as he's took on a Mk1 GT project Welcome to the site BTW
  12. Bought a month ago off e-bay from our very own BSC Leo (see link below) with the intention of putting them on my E but sold it before i had a chance. I offer them for what i paid for them delivery to Billing possible, I think thats fair? ebay £112 for me to post to you or £102 if you wish to collect at Billing
  13. As title, as new Discs still in protective film, Pads in box £20 the lot can bring to Billing
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