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  1. Has any good person out there got a pair of rear shock absorbers for my mk2 Gt that they do not need? I thought it worth a try.
  2. I have been plodding on with bits on the cortina, I thought i had some inserts but they are the wrong one's. Does anyone have a pair of the shorter GT/E one's at all thanks in advance.
  3. I would be very grateful if you could please Steve, I would have thought they should be similar but the RHD one I have looks a bit close.
  4. I assume the LHD choke cable for a series 2 mk2 cortina is longer than a RHD does anyone have one at all?
  5. I thought I would try here to see if anyone has some plastic seat slider plates at all? same as the one's pictured
  6. I am not in a hurry I just want to get bits together for when the sun comes out. Thinking about it I have a couple of RHd one's if you want to butcher one.
  7. I thought I would give it a go on here first, I am looking for a LHD speedo cable (2000e box) for my gt and a good lotus rev counter I know it's a long shot
  8. MikeC

    crossflow engine bits

    Rocker cover sorted Any one else have anything?
  9. I have looked through my mk2 bits and found I am short of some engine bits As my lock up was broken into a while ago an I am only now realising how much got taken. I need timing cover oil pick up and support pipe flywheel and bolts Gt head Rocker cover plastic fan pulley crank pulley dynamo bracket I think thats it Thanks for any hep
  10. Just another bit I found I need is the heater control levers/Bracket the bolts to the dash behind the black plastic fascia for a series 2 E/Gt. Can anyone help please?
  11. I am having a look into my gearbox and have found a poor repair on the gear lever remote. I would like to find a good 3 bolt replacement if anyone has one can they let me know. here is the one I need.
  12. I am pretty sure i have one but I am not close by though
  13. I have had a look through my stash of M/ cylinders but don't have a clutch. Has anyone got a cylinder with the larger union for the clutch pipe that I can rebuild?. I also don't seem to have the three rubber posts to fit on the Lucas RB340 regulator. It's just the start of all the small bits I have to look through all my mk2 bits for. PS. I am still looking for a gt head and a rear 2 door seat base
  14. I have had the great offer of some more rostyles without tyres Could anyone help with transport from Honiton to surrey at all?. thanks
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