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  1. Thanks for the input, I have phoned Jenkins and had a chat. I was given a ball park of £200 to grind the crank and £200 for the rebore plus £180 for pistons and obviously there will be more for shells and cam bearings oil pump .
  2. I know this is very open ended as to the spec you want, Have you guys got a rough idea on a crank re-grind and rebore (already +30) on a 711 block. I know the heritage on the block as I had it in a cortina many years ago until number 4 piston got too hot. It already has a piper magnum 285 cam which I am going to re use as it was not very old and I have a later gt flat head with larger valves too. I just have not had an engine re-conned for many years so I am out of touch with prices and sensible upgrades to give it a bit of get up and go. I am sitting down to read the replys
  3. Those are rather nice, a mate of mine has multiple sets of these. I am quite partial to slot mags too
  4. I am looking for a good box with synchro's on first gear
  5. I wonder if this would fit my daughters 107E without much cutting and shutting.
  6. Have you still got that old girl Hans? I love that tan interior, you can never have enough mk2's
  7. Unless it was something to do with the smog equipment when it was new?.
  8. doing a bit in the boot to tidy it up at the moment,I am pleased with how solid it is in there. I won't get much more paintwork done now the weather is going to get dodgy. I will get on with the engine soon over winter.
  9. here we go, I think it is to far down the manifold to be an old air duct good idea though.
  10. Would you mind checking for me please, I am worried about getting one with the solenoid in the right place not hanging down too much
  11. I am starting to go through my bits to sort out the engine. My gt did come with a box of odd bits which included the exhaust manifold. I am a bit puzzled as it has the remains of what looks like a heat shield welded to it,did Ford do this to the LHD GT/E's so the steering box and clutch/brake parts did not get to hot? It does not look like a home addition to me but I could be wrong.
  12. Wow that look a stunningly straight car, is that the original paint? We deffo need more pictures of it.
  13. I need to replace the seam sealer in places on mine where the desert sun has carbonised it, what make do you guys use now.
  14. Ok so , I have picked up a lighter flywheel for my crossflow Gt. It has a pre engaged ring gear on it and I was going to change it. I am thinking maybe now I will go pre engaged so my question is which starter will fit mine, without fouling the steering box?. The flywheel is marked 701m is this mk1 escort? also has 346340 on and has 135 teeth so I think I need a starter with 10 teeth is this correct? Any advice guys welcome... PS my old export estate did have a pre engaged starter that I think was a cold weather option.
  15. Unfortunately I am going to need 6 bolt, As it is mk2 cortina.
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