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  1. I have been plodding on with bits on the cortina, I thought i had some inserts but they are the wrong one's. Does anyone have a pair of the shorter GT/E one's at all thanks in advance.
  2. I would be very grateful if you could please Steve, I would have thought they should be similar but the RHD one I have looks a bit close.
  3. I assume the LHD choke cable for a series 2 mk2 cortina is longer than a RHD does anyone have one at all?
  4. I thought I would try here to see if anyone has some plastic seat slider plates at all? same as the one's pictured
  5. I am not in a hurry I just want to get bits together for when the sun comes out. Thinking about it I have a couple of RHd one's if you want to butcher one.
  6. I thought I would give it a go on here first, I am looking for a LHD speedo cable (2000e box) for my gt and a good lotus rev counter I know it's a long shot
  7. MikeC

    crossflow engine bits

    Rocker cover sorted Any one else have anything?
  8. I have looked through my mk2 bits and found I am short of some engine bits As my lock up was broken into a while ago an I am only now realising how much got taken. I need timing cover oil pick up and support pipe flywheel and bolts Gt head Rocker cover plastic fan pulley crank pulley dynamo bracket I think thats it Thanks for any hep
  9. Just another bit I found I need is the heater control levers/Bracket the bolts to the dash behind the black plastic fascia for a series 2 E/Gt. Can anyone help please?
  10. I am having a look into my gearbox and have found a poor repair on the gear lever remote. I would like to find a good 3 bolt replacement if anyone has one can they let me know. here is the one I need.
  11. I am pretty sure i have one but I am not close by though
  12. I have had a look through my stash of M/ cylinders but don't have a clutch. Has anyone got a cylinder with the larger union for the clutch pipe that I can rebuild?. I also don't seem to have the three rubber posts to fit on the Lucas RB340 regulator. It's just the start of all the small bits I have to look through all my mk2 bits for. PS. I am still looking for a gt head and a rear 2 door seat base
  13. I have had the great offer of some more rostyles without tyres Could anyone help with transport from Honiton to surrey at all?. thanks
  14. Has any good person got some spare moonstone headliner? just enough to do inside a sunroof on a capri I am asking for a friend.
  15. I am still thinking about going lhd to rhd on my mk2 gt, would anyone have the pressed steel bracket that goes behind the speedo and rev counter from the lower edge of the dash up to the bulkhead.
  16. I am on the lookout for the two dash mount handbrake wheels(maybe nylon) for my mk2 gt. Does anyone have any? they mount on bulkhead and lower floor near steering box.
  17. If I did change mine from Lhd to right. I could do with the bulkhead strengthening bit around the clutch and brake cylinder with the handbrake wheel on. I think they are only a series one bit though can anyone help.
  18. OK i have just realised I need both C post vent ducts for a 2 door. Do you guys know if they are the same as a 4 door? Also the bit of wiring loom that runs through the roof to rear lights and tank sender
  19. Ok I am starting to go through the old girl and compile a list. To start with Does anyone have a set of 2 door door cards and I would like to get the headliner back in so I need the plastic bits that go on the end of the bows. Finally a RHD pedal box If you have any surplus 2 door bits give me a shout.
  20. MikeC

    LHD GT/E dash

    I am sorted for the brackets now I just need a LHD GT/E dash now
  21. MikeC

    LHD GT/E dash

    I am looking for a set of series 1, 2 door seat brackets for the flip seats, I think there is an upper and lower bit to all four. Also a pair of anti roll bar brackets and maybe a lhd E dash This is probably the start of a long list of 2 door bits needed. :thumbup:
  22. I have found a lovely series 2 GT, an Arizona desert car so the body is super solid but the interior is toast. So i am on the hunt for a lower rear seat base in good nick . Any help greatly appreciated. :thumbup: PS also be handy If a gt engine came along too.
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