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  1. Hi Stuart - only just seen this - did you get sorted ? have one here if still required . Steve.
  2. No worries - ta for replying - Steve
  3. Ok mate- im ok for tailgate but could do with a good pair of estate rear inner trim panels (black if poss) if you have any . Mine has been speakered !! Steve
  4. Got a goodish complete door with super trims (typical) - no repairs but will need front bottom corner (not bad but so you know ) . Trouble being cant get a photo at the mo and In Devon . Steve.
  5. Hi Martin - did you get some ? Steve.
  6. Hi mate - just found the one I had left - new in its packet if you still need one . Steve.
  7. mk2sav


  8. mk2sav

    Mk2 door hinges

    no mate - sorry but the top fronts are only top fronts . backs are very different at the top - bottom ones will fit front or back doors .
  9. Thanks or checking mate - thought your foreign cars might have been laminated as lots of countries insisted on spec . Steve
  10. Hi Kev- you have reminded me - you were going to check if you had a good mk2 laminated screen - did you check lease - cheers-Steve.
  11. Hi Terry - don't think you will find one - the perfectly round knob didn't come with a pattern as far as I know but i can always be proved wrong - Steve.
  12. Hi Toe - have one here if you cant find one closer as I'm in Devon . Steve.
  13. Hi Pieter - sorry to tell you but that system is not used on English cars - it is as far as I know , only fitted to some export markets . The only help I can offer is that the valve with a 3004e part number is a Corsair v4 number . Steve.
  14. As far as I can make out , this should have the same 3 bolt fixing , 10 tooth starter as lots of earlier Fords , Lucas no 25148 or LRS100 , and if it is , I had a service exchange one listed on e-bay but got no bids at £20 - post would be about £8 on top if any good to you . Steve.
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