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  1. Hi Rob - yes , the M16 are the correct ones but if you have time , its usually cheaper to send yours away to Big Red for recon of your own ones .
  2. Hi Ron - there is a group on facebook trying to get the run organised . I can ask Graham to include you in the "interested parties " if you like or you can look it up on there . Otherwise , PM me an e-mail address and I will ask him for you . Steve.
  3. Yes , its a minefield but basically , the cars you have listed all use a variation of the 3 rail box which only refers to 3 selector rails in the top of the box . Difference can be tailshaft , where the gearstick mounts etc but the main body of the box is the same but as you say , ratios are different >
  4. Cant say for 100% sure but the one on my export estate was black and I have had it powdercoated - it was the same as the crossmember on my car - Steve.
  5. I expect you have already realised but that is your ballast wire in the pic - the material covered wire . EDIT just seen the other post - sorry !
  6. Hi Johnny - will try to help at least some - the wire is completely different than any other as it is like the old fashioned "furry " type covered (presumably to contain the heat ) , seen one that was pinkish but some seem to lose the colour and look a bit grey . From what I researched years ago , the resistor wire is just a loop in the engine loom but not 100% sure about that . It also seems to matter if you have a rev counter as it is in the white wire loom from the ignition switch . I have to say that this is not proven information but what I was told many years ago - apart from the furry wire which is correct !!
  7. The ballast wire is in the loom on a mk2 but normally they will fire on the key in second position but stop when key returns to running position if the ballast has failed . Coil lead should be yellow/white i think from memory .
  8. The car ones are 115 x 45 and the way they always describe them is paler blue as some of the later badges were darker in colour .
  9. Ok Bill - as i understand it , that will be all you need - it should just bolt to your wheel , your horn push area would come off to tighten the nut on the spline . I did look at Mountneys website page and found a PDF with the extra info ! cheers- Steve.
  10. Cant be 100% sure but it looks like a Mountney MB026 might do the trick - Ford spline and fits 70 or 74 depending on the fittings used . E-bay / Opie oils is where I got that info - probably worth asking via message to see if they know for sure . Steve.
  11. I cant help with the part itself but might help you to know its the same as a V4 Corsair . Steve.
  12. Hi there - this raises its head quite often - there is a thread from last time and in that thread , there is another linked which should give you the info you need - Steve.
  13. mk2sav

    Mk3 2 dr x 2

    Well , down the hatch and hatch your eggs - sorry for my mistake !!!!!!!!
  14. mk2sav

    Mk3 2 dr x 2

    Are either of you 3 door owners going with side trim as I picked up 3 of the passengers side rear wing trims (the long one !!) Steve.
  15. I expect you have seen them Tibbsy ??https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/FORD-CORTINA-BRAKE-CALIPER-UPGRADE-2-8-MK2-GRANADA-PAIR-OF-CALIPERS/193685935799?hash=item2d1894d
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