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  1. Ok Craig - this has come up on Faceache - man called Roger Chinery in Essex owns the car . Not sure if its his van or not . Steve.
  2. Mk2 Cortina and Escort mk1 are the same but the Mk1 Cortina is different as the operating cam is in a different place and much shorter overall . Steve.
  3. Ok mate - checked the parts book and the 2831 engine did use a diaphragm clutch cover . The Anglia boys have got around the same issues by the looks of it . Uprating Clutch – Ford Anglia 105E Owners' Club (105eoc.com)
  4. Pretty sure the spline is the same as a Mk1 would have a 3 rail box as per earlier Mk2s but where you may have an issue is the clutch cover . I think all Mk1s had a cover with 3 lever style fitment and most (if not all) Mk2s have a diaphragm cover . Trouble being , that engine is quite a rare one so not absolutely sure which type it would have originally . And that leads to which release bearing , carrier and even the slave cylinder is used . They have been fitted before so there must be a way around the probs . Steve.
  5. lLooks like it would fit and while searching , found a pic of one that was apparently used on a Mk2 but why it was taken off I dont know . You would have to check with Wilwood about the bore size as 1 inch is quite a bit larger than standard .
  6. Yes , Escort one is similar/same but still horizontal . Found a pic of the adaptor .Some USA cars had a vertical mount but again , not easy to find !!
  7. Hi Rob - no , as far as I know there is none that fit without the adaptor as I mentioned . I have been trying to find a pic but no good yet . Steve.
  8. Hi Rob - comes up quite regular on here and other Cortina pages . You can use a Land Rover cylinder but if you are fitting it direct to pedal (not on a long tower as per some export markets ) , the fittings are horizontal and not verticle . Fords did make an adaptor to overcome that but where you could get one of them is going to be a challenge . If you search "dual circuit " on here , some pics are still on there . Steve.
  9. You have got to be pleased the way that has turned out . Lovely is not enough !!
  10. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/185152946208?hash=item2b1bf9c020:g:OaAAAOSwMNthbZ9j - pretty good set by the looks of it in Bristol .
  11. It does sound as if they are wriggling to get out of responsibility to me but maybe wait to see what Craig or one of the more knowledgeable guys answers . God knows why they use a hexagon to drive these things - my V6 uses the same design and they are known to be a weak spot so again , begs the question why they didnt put a new one in .
  12. I guess I ought to say , im no expert on these things - really just an opinion !!
  13. Well , if the dizzy seized the engine would have stopped as no spark . I guess the only thing that matters is why the shaft has rounded off . Personally I cant see how they can know the dizzy would have been at fault but they must have had it apart to recondition the engine so they are probably worried that you are going to say "why didnt you see it "
  14. You really need to know which part has failed - oil pump can seize , the drive shaft between the pump and the dizzy can round off the edges and not turn the oil pump or the dizzy itself can seize but that seems unlikely . Would go for the drive shaft between the 2 .
  15. Theres a chap down here in the West Country who has a GT Corsair estate in white . Only does the local stuff but it is in good condition .
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