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  1. Not sure yet, but hoping I would be able to adapt your pattern
  2. That subframe looks great, any chance you could post a little drawing with the dimensions πŸ‘
  3. Mine came up a little tight at the bottom rear corner, they are water tight though and to be honest, it's hardly noticeable.
  4. I very much doubt the GT86 engine would fit in a Cortina, but someone will probably prove me wrong, but they are a wonderful car to drive, i smile every time i drive mine.
  5. Snap, exactly the same GT86 as mine
  6. Great project, I know it's not a Cortina, but would be good if you post details and photo's of the resto on here :thumbup:
  7. Doing a great job on your engine, hope you don't mind me giving a little bit of advice, way back in the seventies when I was an apprentice electrician, the sparks I trained with had a 2000E Corsair and on two occassions he suffered oil pump failure, the first fesulting in a new engine, the cause of this both times iirc was the hexagonal shaft that drives the pump, it rounded off resulting in no pump pressure, If it was me, I'd replace that shaft with a top quality item and also check for any play where the shaft enters the oil pump and distributor, I don't know if this problem was widespread on these engines, but worth checking while you have it stripped down.πŸ‘
  8. It is possible to plumb in the manifold with a standard head, did it in the 70's just needs a bit ingenious pipe re-routing and the GT T piece. The copper pipe seems like a good idea, but you may need more fixings, copper becomes brittle with time and can crack, that's why I fitted Kunifer brake pipes.
  9. Is it the hard black nylon pipe? a small restriction could have a bearing on your problem. You need to plumb in the inlet manifold, this will affect the running and efficiency of the carb.
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