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  1. You need the spacer, it acts as a heat sink, why not fit a new electric pump, it's a big improvement on the old mechanical pump.
  2. Mine had been hand painted with Woolworths household gloss by the original owner, I reckon he must have used a trowel to apply it, did its job as my GT was relatively rust free, but my god what a job getting the paint off that was.
  3. Certainly is, mines been back to bare metal twice in the 38 years I've owned her, now considering doing it again to put her back to her original colour (Black Cherry) btw, you'll have no problem removing that vent panel👍
  4. Remove the side window and trim as one piece, the window trim then easily pulls out from the rubber (replace as one piece as well) When the window is removed, you should see some rivets holding the vent panel on, drill them out and the vent panel pulls off, you may need to remove the rear window as well, the vent itself is attached to the panel by four small rivets, when I did mine, I re-fixed everything with some small self tapping screws.
  5. Problem is, the data comes from the DVLA, and this is not always accurate, eg, I have a MK1 GT, but the V5 only says Cortina 1498, this happens all the time, I would take the info from that site with a pinch of salt👍
  6. I had a similar problem after rebuilding a glass bowl pump on my GT, in the end I threw it out and fitted a new pump, problem solved, oh, you definitely need the insulator between the pump and the block👍
  7. Not sure yet, but hoping I would be able to adapt your pattern
  8. That subframe looks great, any chance you could post a little drawing with the dimensions 👍
  9. Maybe it's due to the way this website compresses the file, I've posted some MK1 articles on FB and they've been fine, didn't want to post MK2 stuff in the MK1 FB page, I could always email you the files.
  10. Going through hundreds of classic car mags in my garage, posting any Cortina articles I come across.
  11. You need these from the owners club mate👍 http://www.mk1cortina.co.uk/index.php?page=shop.product_details&flypage=flypage.tpl&product_id=515&category_id=15&option=com_virtuemart&Itemid=2
  12. I got mine done when I was restoring my GT ( MK1) stripped the head and took it to a local engine reconditioning place, only cost £120, well worth it for the peace of mind, Probably wouldn't cost an awful lot more now.
  13. I had the same problem, definitely caused by damp as I had a weeping core plug, obviously the one on the back of the engine block inside the bell housing, I took the engine out and replaced all the core plugs, remember some of these cars are pushing 60 years old and as a consequence replacing things like the core plugs have been overlooked, even during an engine rebuild (guilty as charged your honour) Sometimes the leak is so small you wouldn't notice it on the garage floor.
  14. Using a different set of cars this time, I've already reported them, let's see how long before they're taken down.
  15. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/CORTINA-MK3-2000E-1975-P-REG/264640560746?hash=item3d9dce7e6a:g:3ZsAAOSw9lteTSGj
  16. Just checked DVLA website, it's currently on SORN and MOT expired August 2018, so probably locked up safely in someones garage.
  17. Probably is Cortina, most likely late Pinto, like Steve says, but not MK 1500 pre crossflow👍
  18. Similar shape Steve, but the fixing holes are completely different 👍
  19. These are the parts you need for pre crossflow, note the fixing holes.
  20. Definitely not MK1 pre crossflow, fixing holes are all wrong.
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