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  1. phorbiuz

    Mk3 carb

    Thanks both, especially Craig for keeping an eye out. Plugs, leads, coil, points already changed. Only thing someone pointed out to me yesterday is to consider the dizzy as well but I'd prefer to start with the carb.
  2. phorbiuz

    Mk3 carb

    Long shot, but I'm looking for a known good carb for a mk3 1.3. I need to test my theory that my carb is causing my running problems.
  3. Yep. Still a stripped shell on an a-frame. I've had big problems finding a painter in the last couple of years - everyone seems to want quick jobs not classic motors. Did find someone excellent but he's so unreliable I was waiting over a year to go through it with him. Currently got my Sierra with another another place to test what they're like. No point in getting the S dipped until I know I have a good painter lined up.
  4. I couldn't half do with that interior though.
  5. It's a shame you're moving on bud. Lots of us have the spares needed lying around - I know I have 3 engines for a start - so it should be a good buy for someone.
  6. And there was me thinking I'd be able to offload a set of Capri V6 clocks I found a couple of weeks back while tidying up, lol.
  7. £3.5k for a rusty base spec mk5? You'd have to be completely stupid.
  8. Whereabouts are you? I have a set in WA10.
  9. phorbiuz

    Tow bar

    I wouldn't think so too. I've fitted 3 and never had to worry about the tank. Just be aware that the estate and saloon ones are different. I was also told once that the mk3 is slightly different again from a 4 or 5 due to where the number plate is, but I'm not sure how true that is.
  10. I'd best go buy a litre of whisky for the duration of reading one of his listings then.... Edit: I see there seems to be a good amount of bidding even within a couple of hours of it starting. A cynic might suspect friends shill bidding to inflate the price.
  11. phorbiuz

    Used mk2 wings

    Hi. They're not mine, they belong to a friend. If you're interested drop me a PM and I'll provide you his number. Dave.
  12. phorbiuz

    Used mk2 wings

    A friend of mine wants to offload the wings pictured below. He suffered a significant stroke and although is recovering he's realised that his days of crawling around cars are over. They're in St Helens, either J24 of the M6 or J7 of the M62. I'd personally describe them as useable but needing work but I guess apart from maybe putting an interested party in touch it's nothing to do with me. He's said £200 for the pair.
  13. If the MTOC can't help, I found this chap on Facebook can remanufacture them: Montageteile / Mounting Brackets Autoplas Weyer Reproduction
  14. I have a few mk4 front screens, though I think I already replied to your FB post. Located off J7 M62.
  15. phorbiuz

    Wanted: 2.0 axle

    Anyone got one for sale in the NW? Mate of mine has had his go 'bang' on his mk3 saloon so needs a replacement. GS Escorts want an open cheque to sort it (unsurprising if you know them). Cheers.
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