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  1. I have a crappy old unit in the basement of an old mill. It's dirt cheap but damp. I've been trying in my neck of the woods (WA10) for years to find something better but better = expensive. Most of the old unit style things that we would have had have been knocked down over the years for development.
  2. I have both a 2.3 and a 2.8 inlet manifold for my eventual build too. They look identical but they're stamped different so there must be an internal difference in my mind, otherwise why would Ford go to the extra hassle and cost of having different markings. For a 2.8 I'd stick with the 2.8 inlet manifold. Getting a decent 38 dgas with all the fiddly bits has proved the hard part for me.
  3. I wonder if this was anything to do with it......
  4. phorbiuz

    Mk3 carb

    Thanks both, especially Craig for keeping an eye out. Plugs, leads, coil, points already changed. Only thing someone pointed out to me yesterday is to consider the dizzy as well but I'd prefer to start with the carb.
  5. phorbiuz

    Mk3 carb

    Long shot, but I'm looking for a known good carb for a mk3 1.3. I need to test my theory that my carb is causing my running problems.
  6. I don't think anyone else has had the technical input to the club you provided over the years, all done voluntary, and I'm not surprised in the least that a good technical document didn't get included. The chairman was also the magazine editor and he didn't have time to do either properly. Sad, but the wrong pick at the wrong time.
  7. The club struggled in recent years on several fronts and has suffered ultimately from a lack of interest. I think it was a self-fulfilling downward spiral: more people using free social media sites to organize meets and discuss cars a number of area reps with zero input little content provided for club magazines/newsletters a decision to move away from the founding principles of all Cortinas to concentrate on the 4/5 replacing a long-standing member/chairman with a new chairman who ultimately didn't have time to run the club Once you are providing less to the members, less members are interested, and less interested members mean the club continued to provide less, so on and so on. I wasn't a member for as long as Craig but it was part of my car social scene in the NW for just shy of 20 years. I personally handed my notice in as membership secretary on September 1st 2019 as I couldn't justify my involvement in processing membership fees from members when they were not getting what they subscribed to. It was a moral standpoint that also hammered another nail in the coffin lid as no-one else would volunteer for the role. It was written into the club rules when founded that should the club fold all monies held in the bank had to be donated to like-minded registered clubs, hence the decision to donate to the 1, 2, and 3 registered clubs. I should also point out that this decision was actioned purely by the chairman and treasurer, with no other members of the committee (of which there are several who use BSC) involved whatsoever.
  8. Hi all A mate of mine is restoring my old mk4 2.3. We're trying to find out what the paint code is but the VIN decoder on here doesn't have an exact match for the trim plate. Colour code is U9, VIN decoder has U and options "-", "A", or "K", but no 9. Anyone know what it could be? Thanks.
  9. Yep. Still a stripped shell on an a-frame. I've had big problems finding a painter in the last couple of years - everyone seems to want quick jobs not classic motors. Did find someone excellent but he's so unreliable I was waiting over a year to go through it with him. Currently got my Sierra with another another place to test what they're like. No point in getting the S dipped until I know I have a good painter lined up.
  10. If only there had been some sort of Cortina related show this month a load of us could have turned up to. I could have shown you some love by insulting you loudly all weekend! I've hardly touched a Cortina since my mk3 failed to proceed at Symonds Yat last year. I've been restoring my Sierra and generally mucking about with my Corvette and motorbikes, hence not on here much.
  11. I couldn't half do with that interior though.
  12. Yeah, as said one pipe feeds both sides. I did wonder about that when I first encountered it on my mk3.
  13. I had a similar issue on my mk3 last year. It turned out to be the earth lead from the starter to the body. Worth checking.
  14. No help sorry, but I'm watching this with interest as I've had the same issue on a mk2 Transit with 2.0 pinto. Over time I've changed the thermostat, water pump, sender, clocks, and tested the wiring, all with no difference. I too added an aftermarket temp gauge which shows the actual temp is fine.
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