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  1. I wouldn't think so too.  I've fitted 3 and never had to worry about the tank.  Just be aware that the estate and saloon ones are different.  I was also told once that the mk3 is slightly different again from a 4 or 5 due to where the number plate is, but I'm not sure how true that is.



  2. A friend of mine wants to offload the wings pictured below. He suffered a significant stroke and although is recovering he's realised that his days of crawling around cars are over. They're in St Helens, either J24 of the M6 or J7 of the M62. I'd personally describe them as useable but needing work but I guess apart from maybe putting an interested party in touch it's nothing to do with me.


    He's said £200 for the pair.










  3. Not sure if it'll be what you want, but I have the gear lever surround cut from a mk5 that was scrapped years ago. Maybe 3 inches past the lip that secures the gaitor. If you don't get exactly what you need by then I'll also be at the show.

  4. If Moville isn't able to collect I'd be interested in buying this. Are you going to Blackpool on Sunday?


    Yes I am, but the tank is in my unit and I've already brought the motor home that I'm taking. I'm not going to be able to get it before Sunday.

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