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  1. If it was closer to me I would. Thanks again. As for the manufacturer of the s/s, I'll dig the paperwork out and take a look.
  2. Thanks for the offer, but you're probably right. It'd probably be a 4 hour return drive. :thumbup:
  3. PM sent on behalf of a 1-5 club member and registered member of this forum.
  4. Yeah, I've seen cheap stuff on eBay, but I already have a complete and mint stainless steel system all polished up so don't want to spend on something without much of a future. I don't want to fit the s/s either in case it gets whacked during all the work.
  5. The worse for wear the better really. I've started selling off my motors but although I have a deal on one I'm having serious second thoughts. If I keep it, it'd be good if I could put an exhaust on so I could move it around without upsetting the neighbours, so has anyone got a full system from the manifold that would fit a saloon and do for a few months? Postage would be very expensive for a full system so something in the NW would be best. Thanks.
  6. phorbiuz

    for sale

    How about I'll give you £150 and collect it from yours during the week?
  7. I was thinking they can't be hard to copy, but to copy I'd prefer to get hold of one as the template.
  8. I believe when you fit a Ford 4 branch manifold to a pinto there should be a bracket that clamps on the lower part of the manifold and onto the bellhousing bolts. Anyone know where I can get one? Thanks.
  9. phorbiuz


    I have a low mileage one out of an early mk3 Transit in storage. Depends what you want to do with it really - I'e been told back in the day people would buy these ones to turbo as they're lower compression.
  10. Could swear I'm reading this in the wanted section.... :thumbup:
  11. Hi there. To be direct, you're right they're rare and hence rarely come up for sale. Consider the idea of asking who's got them and seeing what shows they attend or where they live with the idea to meet up and take a look at them. Maybe get some measurements and get some made up. Yes it will cost more but you might be waiting some time otherwise. Hope your search goes well or that you get a good reply on here.
  12. Think I might have a useable one in black in my unit. I'm not going there though until wc 3/4 so can't be certain until then.
  13. And then the peeps on here who access BSC in work can actually see the pics, instead of work blocking photo hosting sites.... :thumbup:
  14. The 1.6 prop doesn't fit at all. The 2.0 prop has the right splines to fit the gearbox but some people find that the prop is already "bottomed out" inside the box with no wiggle room. I've had that and worked around it by using the front part of a Capri 2.0 prop mated to the back part of a Cortina 2.0 prop as the Capri front is an inch or two smaller. Get hold of a 2.0 Cortina prop first and go from there. Hope that makes sense to you.
  15. It'll be the V6 one if it protrudes further than the bellhousing, you've had to shorten the input shaft that slides into the engine, or if there's evidence of it already having been shortened. With you saying your current prop is too small would I be right in presuming that you had a 1.6 or such with the smaller diameter prop with less teeth on it, as a 2.0 prop would physically fit as far as I knew?
  16. Hmmm Truth be told off the top of my head I don't know. PB did/does promote things in jpeg as far as I know. If I PM you my mail address you could mail me the PB link to see if I see anything obvious, OK?
  17. A mate of mine asked yesterday if I knew anyone selling a 1600 pinto in the NW. Not a nice minty one but a runner as its for a rough car. Not sure what he's expecting to pay but I can pass details on. Cheers.
  18. How much is there to change? Personally I prefer it if people actually attach their pictures to the site rather than using hosting sites. Some of us use the site when we're in work and for internal reasons links to photo hosting is blocked, so we never see the pics. If there's only a handful I may be able to change them for you.
  19. Do you not have an 'edit' button on your post?
  20. No thanks needed Tony, but I'll happily accept several beers off you at next years Monmouth show. :cheers:
  21. As the title says, looking for a couple of early mk3 door light switches, the round style. Passenger one broke a few years back and now the driver side has too. Would be great to get 2 of them. Someone mentioned to me a few years back at the Yat that a certain model of Jaguar used them if anyone can help there too? Thanks.
  22. ^^ This ^^ TBH I can't believe it hasn't sold too. if I wasn't trying to scrape as many pennies together as possible to get the mk4 S done or buy an American muscle car I'd have bid you for it. If you don't need the money put it away for Winter and sell it at the beginning of the show season next year.
  23. ^^ This ^^ Our motorhome was from St Clears in SW Wales and I live in St Helens. Train(s) there, drive home. Did it with a Capri from near Swansea and a mk4 estate from Nottingham too. I saw this car at Monmouth and it looks just as nice as in the pics.
  24. phorbiuz

    Mk3 bakkie

    If this is the one you sent me a pic of earlier this year it looked quite a nice one.
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