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  1. phorbiuz

    Mk3 Estate

    I spent a while looking for one of these last year and failed miserably. I wasn't bothered about the mechanical side as I had plans but I wanted the structure to be right. Couldn't find anything to suit and ended up with a 2.8i Capri! Oh well, maybe next time.....
  2. phorbiuz

    Mk5 Bonnet Felt

    Need a decent sound/heat proofing felt for the bonnet for a mk5. It'll need the retaining clips too. Thanks.
  3. Thanks, but it looks like I'm sorted. I've sent him a pm, but if it fails through I'll be in touch, as you're not the only other member to say they've got some. Cheers.
  4. Gets even better! I've not been to Cadishead before but you're only a few junctions down the M62 from me. I could call round one evening or at the weekend. I'll send you a pm with my tel number to call me, or alternatively send me a pm with a contact number for yourself. Thanks.
  5. Listen, I've apologised - I didn't realise you'd get upset, but as for common courtesy I think my post started "If azcolin isn't interested anymore", and ended "Pm me if they become available". This really does read to me that they should go to you first and that I was asking for 2nd dabs on them IF YOU WEREN'T INTERESTED ANYMORE. I said nothing along the lines of "Stuff azcolin and sell them me". Even then, I've re-iterated they're yours if you want them. If you want to talk about courtesy, a simple private pm to me would have sufficed, but you decided to make this public, telling me I'm out of order and then that I lack courtesy. Once again, apologies, just in case I wake up with a horses head next to me in bed!
  6. Sounds promising and you're not too far from me too. Are they good? You got a price in mind and any photo's so I can see what they're like? Thanks.
  7. Sorry if you meant me - just saw an ad for stuff I also want. Didn't think it'd hurt to try and get 2nd dabs on them if you weren't interested. If you look through the board you'll see I do post my own wanted ads. If you want them I'll let Grease Monkey know.
  8. I'm after a set of sports wheels that would originally have been fitted to a mk5 2.0 gls. I'm trying to get the car back to its original external spec. Thanks.
  9. I have a pair of Overriders if your still interested . :clown: 147598[/snapback] If azcolin isn't interested anymore, I may be interested in the overriders. Pm me if they become available.
  10. Any chance of finding out what the dash is like? I'll email anyway but I'm after a replacement undamaged grey dash. Ta.
  11. phorbiuz

    Mk5 2.9i

    That'll make somebody smile like a Cheshire cat. If I didn't already have a mk5, 2.8 Capri, MGF, Toyota Hilux, Honda CBR, and Kawasaki Zephyr (and the price was a little lower) I'd bite your arm off to get the keys!!!
  12. theirs nice one on ebay at the moment.relisted looks good un might have punt myself.goodluck in your search :lol: 135986[/snapback] The red one? If so I've got it in my watched list. Gonna send the chap a mail shortly to clarify what work is needed.
  13. As I've started this thread I'll chuck my tuppence worth in. First though, I'll point out that I've been keeping up with this thread and his For Sale thread, so these thoughts relate to both. I've posted a thread saying a may be interested in a mk3 estate, so long as its fairly sound. A new member has replied to my thread. At this point the amount hasn't been mentioned. Yes, I know he says no silly offers, but different people have different ideas of silly offers. Who of you have seen it? Who of you knows how much he'll accept? Who of you know how much I'm happy to pay for what I want? Yes, a mk3 estate isn't as desirable as a tax exempt 2 door GT or whatever, but any car is only worth what buyers will pay, whether thats a Ferrari or Mini. Who can blame someone for trying to get a good price for their Cortina? I've spent far more on my mk5 than its worth and I doubt I'll ever get the money back but I can try can't I? If it doesn't sell then I have to lower the price until it does, but at least I've tried. How about giving fellow club members a bit more of a break? Everyone's opinions are valid as this isn't a dictatorship, but the last thing you want on a For Sale post is people knocking the item. We should at least try to make constructive comments. If it's overpriced and it sells then its the buyers fault for not checking the market first and not familiarising themselves, not the sellers for going for what they can.
  14. Looking for my next project, with my shortlist being a mk2 Granada estate, mk3 Cortina estate, or something along the lines of a campervan. If anyone has a mk3 estate and are going to any shows in the NW, please let me know so I can look over them and see what I think. I'd like one that's structurally fairly sound, but I'm not all that bothered about engine etc as I plan to install something with more grunt.
  15. phorbiuz

    Mk5 Panels

    Where are you based?
  16. I would love another mk5 bonnet to use as a template and test-bed for some metal work I've got planned, but you're simply too far away!
  17. Rear n/s window winder mechanism for a 1982 mk5. Must be from a late mk5 as the actual mechanism changed somewhere around 1980. Cheers.
  18. phorbiuz

    mk5 windscreen

    If anyone can help - a mk5 saloon windscreen with all-over bronze tint. Cheers.
  19. phorbiuz

    mk5 windscreen

    Cheers I've already pm'd Craig but I'll try the others. Saying that, I'm not exactly sure what the tint is anyway - it doesn't seem perfectly clear and the label in the bottom right includes 'tinted b', so I'm presuming its a bronze tint. Maybe someone can clarify?
  20. phorbiuz

    mk5 windscreen

    I've gone and cracked mine. Problem is, when I've phoned the local windscreen dealers they can only get the clear ones and I'm after one that has a slight bronze tint. If anyone can point me in the right direction I'd appreciate it. Thanks.
  21. phorbiuz

    mk5 windscreen

    For an 82 GLS, with the slight tint. Cheers.
  22. I'm having a bit of a garage clearout before its gone to make way for an extension. I have the following bits lying around if anyone is interested. They're all off a mk5 2.0 GLS. * 2x n/s front wings. Generally OK, but with rust along the inner top where the bonnet strut would be. Would make good 'repair' panels rather than a whole wing replacement, unless you don't mind it looking untidy when you lift the bonnet. * 1x set of front indicators. * Air filter housing. * Full exhaust system. Used but good - middle and rear sections fairly new, downpipe painted in black exhaust paint. Just bought a s/s sports system. * Rear bumper. Pretty . as the chrome is pitted but it may be useful to someone. I'm in St Helens, NW, and because of the size of these things you'd have to collect. Anyone want to make me an offer on any of these parts? Cheers By the way, I'm looking for a rear n/s window mechanism as mine doesn't work.
  23. phorbiuz

    mk5 trim

    I'm looking for a n/s front passenger external door trim. The chunky black bump stop thing. Must be good as I want to replace one that has bad scratches over it.
  24. phorbiuz

    mk5 spoiler

    Having missed out on a couple of front spoilers lately for a mk5, I was wondering if anyone can point me in a good direction to find one, apart from E-bay? Thanks.
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