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  1. FB is mainly Nige's baby, but I thought it was an open page so you could post on our timeline etc?
  2. I can do that for you if you want, but as above I'd recommend leaving it in place for if/when you decide to come back. Send me a PM and we can go through it.
  3. Thanks again everyone. I've passed the details on and included a link to this thread which he should be able to read without logging in. I've also been PM'd privately about the car which I've passed on too.
  4. Thanks all, I'll pass it on. As I've mentioned to people before I tend to do all my BSC time when I'm in work, but the downside is that pretty much all picture hosting is blocked. I've never seen the resto thread before because of this. I'm glad Steve came to BSC for an opinion first too as he thought my £4k was too optimistic.
  5. I've been contacted by the brother of Martin (tmrancho2) as he'd like some advice on selling his late brother's mk5 estate. I get the impression he's not a big classic car person and has decided the car isn't going to get used sat in his garage. Below are the only pictures I've got at this time. Based purely on these pictures and seeing the P100 he did I've made a *big* presumption that the estate is done as nice, and looked what others are advertised for on the classic sites. It would help though if others more in the know and especially those of you that have seen it could give some input to help Steve out. In the current climate I saw no reason not to aim good to start off with, but with offers considered, and go from there. I'm thinking he could start by asking £3995 on the specialist sites but I'm happy to be corrected. I know he will also be looking to move on Martin's project Rancho and Ford Kuga. Thanks.
  6. phorbiuz

    Mk5 interior

    A mate of mine has a complete interior from a mk4 GL put away from a rotten car. 2 things might go against it though - I think it's beige, and it's in St Helens. If those are OK with you I'm pretty certain he has pics from when it was in the car.
  7. I *might* have one. I say might as it wasn't actually on a car. I picked it up from a Ford show, used, with all brackets, labelled Cortina estate. Until I can compare it with another one though I don't know if it is estate or maybe a mis-labelled saloon one. Nowhere near you though - I'm in the NW.
  8. phorbiuz

    Mk 5 wing mirrors

    Pretty certain I've got a set lying around. PM me if you're not sorted.
  9. I might have a boot carpet but I'll need to check when I'm back at my unit. Left a voicemail for you too.
  10. I've dug them out. PM me if you want a pics and we can sort a price.
  11. I might have a set. I seem to recall taking a set for someone in the last couple of years for their mk4, but was told they're mk3 4 door arches. I didn't know there was a difference 'til that day. I'm going the Monmouth show too.
  12. phorbiuz

    2.3 ghia

    I have a manual mk5 pedal box in my unit. Problem is though that I'm going on hol on Fri so won't be able to sort it for you for a couple of weeks.
  13. I looked for some Sacex 2204 trailer lights and didn't find them. False advertising as there was nothing for me too. :P
  14. Norman (the bloke whose business resources motors for these shoots) has been on to me today about this but I can't help as I'm not back until Sunday. Why are they always Sheffield based too I wonder?
  15. Great. PM me your payment details if you'd like paying now. Thanks.
  16. I'm after a twin choke and manifold for a 2.0. Is this something that you're OK to courier or would you prefer to hand over at Monmouth?
  17. phorbiuz

    Mk5 wings

    I'll send you a PM and we can from there. Unfortunately I'm not on the MTOC forum as I'm not a paid up member. Thanks.
  18. phorbiuz

    Mk5 wings

    This could be the thing buzzard. Any pics and whereabouts are you? Steve - thanks but I don't think he wants to pay as much as £200.
  19. phorbiuz

    Mk5 wings

    Anyone got a set for sale? They're not for me but for a bloke who's approached me asking for help to find some. He's not the internet type from what I gather, and this is a daily runaround rather than show car so he's after used rather than NOS to keep costs down. Cheers.
  20. phorbiuz

    P100 exhaust

    I'm up there on Saturday morning. If you send me a PM before lunch I'll take a pic.
  21. phorbiuz

    P100 exhaust

    He lives in Farnworth, near Bolton, and isn't on here. He uses the BSC Facebook page now and then.
  22. phorbiuz

    P100 exhaust

    Thanks, but too far.
  23. phorbiuz

    P100 exhaust

    Hi Whereabouts are you? A mate of mine is restoring a P100 so this would be good for him providing you're not too far away.
  24. PM sent. May not need posting/collecting too but we can chat about that on the PM. :thumbup:
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