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  1. Misunderstanding there - I wasn't trying to jump in. Just saying ruby interior bits for a mk3 rarely come up for sale.
  2. Me please for my mk4. I can collect at the Yat/Monmouth show or will need it packing and posting to me. Is that OK? Shall I pm you?
  3. They're a rarity. I've been thinking of getting spares for mine as I had to glue one last year, but ruby anything for a Cortina mk3 rarely comes up on eBay.
  4. No problem. Send me a PM some point and we'll sort what we can do.
  5. I have an estate tail box, unused, but it's for the 2.3 so the wrong diameter. If you can't get one this would work but only if you sleeve it.
  6. I have one of those X350's. Very nice car to drive if you do a lot of motorway miles like me.
  7. phorbiuz

    Type 9

    I'll be at the old Yat site Fri to Mon, and the show itself on the Sun. Would you be able to take it, and we can exchange some beer tokens?
  8. phorbiuz

    Type 9

    I'd take that, but getting it from Essex to the NW is going to cost me a lot in fuel and time. I don't suppose you'll be doing the Yat/Monmouth show?
  9. phorbiuz

    Type 9

    To put in a 2.0 mk4. Will also require the bellhousing, clutch fork, and gearstick. Think I have a dustplate and an auto gearbox mount somewhere. Failing that I'd consider an MT75, but I'm not sure about the prop, the gearbox mount, or the speedo drive and cable side of things.
  10. phorbiuz

    Boot spoiler

    It would be nice to get my dirty hands on my ex again.
  11. Oh yeah, didn't think to mention the company name "A1 POWDER COATING" based in BOOTLE. They've done lots of work for me in the past and both the owners and employees have Cortina's. :lol:
  12. That sounds great. Bootle is just down the East Lancs Rd for me and where I get my powder coating done. I still need to finish a mk2 Granada I'm doing first so I don't actually think I'll be properly starting for another 3 or 4 months. Just getting everything I need in advance. Give me a shout when you're done or I can get in touch in a couple of months.
  13. As the title says really - after a rollover spit to fit mk3-5. I'm in the NW so if it's quite a distance it might have to be shipped. Thanks.
  14. phorbiuz

    Boot spoiler

    A specific mk2 GT estate in red that is. And a specific red P100.... I know exactly how I want the mk4 S to look, so knowing it'll be difficult to get some bits I'm getting the ball rolling.
  15. phorbiuz

    Boot spoiler

    I could do with some white masonry paint for my unit... :thumbup: And some shelving units...
  16. phorbiuz

    Boot spoiler

    My chances are probably slim but I'd like a proper Ford boot spoiler for my mk4. It has to be good and straight, not tatty. If anyone has one for sale can they PM me please? I'd like a rear louvre after that too, but I guess that's even more unlikely. Thanks.
  17. It would help to determine the problem if people can say what the problem they are having is/was and when it is/was happening. It's difficult to diagnose if you don't see it yourself. Maybe there's some correlation?
  18. phorbiuz

    still looking mk4/5

    I thought that. I've had both and got much better than that out of them, but I suppose it depends how heavy your right foot is.
  19. phorbiuz

    still looking mk4/5

    Plenty of them crop up on Car and Classic, Classic Cars For Sale, eBay, etc etc. Have you been checking there?
  20. phorbiuz

    Car trimmer

    A few years ago I used Kew Coach Trimmers in Southport to do some work on a Jag I restored. I'm planning on asking the same bloke to look at the mk4 S seats when the time comes.
  21. phorbiuz


    Think I might have a crossflow sump, shot blasted and powder coated in the garage roof. If i remember rightly I lost my own, bought a replacement, then found mine again. It'd be the weekend before I could check though.
  22. phorbiuz

    mk4 air filter box

    Is the hole for the carb circular or square/rectangular?
  23. phorbiuz

    Estate glass

    Anyone need some glass? Spares for a mk4 estate I used to own. Both rear sides, 2x tailgate, and a rear n/s door. I need the space asap, so I need these gone asap, so they're FREE! They've been in storage a very long time so they'll need a good clean.
  24. Oh dear, I've been rummaging around a male's rear end. Best not tell the Mrs I enjoyed it, lol!
  25. Any time you want to check on her give me a shout. Beaulieu in September to look for parts.
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