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  1. Hi Greenacortina. Welcome to the site. Everything sells at the right price. Stick a post in the for sale section with plenty of pics, details, and a price, and go from there.
  2. If you choose to go the eBay route, the listing should state as honestly as you can where you know the good and bad bits are, then lots and lots of photos. To cover yourself you invite people to view before bidding, warn bidders that they are bidding to buy not kick tyres if they win, and that a non-paying winner will be reported to eBay. Of course that only works if you describe the car honestly. The problem with eBay though is the amount of sales that don't complete. Excuses like "my great great grandmother thought she was buying a frying pan", or "my dog accidentally dropped his ball on the keyboard in the last few seconds miraculously entering a winning bid" are no substitute for the honesty of a drunk fool who thought they knew better and changed their mind. No consolation when you've just wasted a week. As were all enthusiasts on here I think it goes without saying the majority want this car saved, just be careful as there is always a minority who don't.
  3. I've also dropped out of this. It seems there's a number of people on here with offers and counter offers in the background via PM, not on the thread, and being able to view it is problematic. I've suggested Mitch was the next on there so it would be nice if he had a chance, but the offer(s) is(are) above the asking price.
  4. Fair enough, all yours then. I did think I was on the ball sending a PM within minutes of it going up at that time of night, and replying to the thread, but there's always someone quicker.
  5. Well you've done better than me. Guess first come first served didn't count.
  6. phorbiuz

    mk5 windscreen

    Saloon or estate? Pretty sure I have a couple lying around but they're mk4 or mk5 estate.
  7. Top of the page under the BuySellCortina logo. I can't be exact sorry as I see different options to you.
  8. Hi Threya A friend of mine is looking for a project resto and I think this is exactly what he'd like. I've PM'd you.
  9. I think you might struggle for a set already with tyres as they are expensive to buy. I'm trying to get hold of standard wheels and tyres for when my Granada is parked up to avoid damaging my TRX tyres.
  10. phorbiuz


    Hmmm :thumbdown: It could be a case of :smashcomp: Before you feel :D Unless you use :magic: Or am I just being a :clown:
  11. Oi, I bought the Mrs one of them and it's perfect for her. Perfectly boring to me mind...
  12. So... I think this was advertised on here for £3000. You'd rather weight it in and crush it for maybe £150, than lower the price until you find a buyer, chucking away a good chunk of money in the process? I think I must have missed something here, you know, rich or brain cells missing. :headscratch:
  13. phorbiuz

    A long shot !

    There was a guy on eBay selling carpets for 3/4/5 among other cars too. He didn't list ruby red but when I asked him about 18 months ago he said it wouldn't be a problem. Afraid I don't have his name saved but maybe do a trawl for peeps selling any Cortina carpet and ask.
  14. phorbiuz

    Real GT....

    That's my point bud, there's little on there showing GT except an eBay title. I admit I'm no expert but is this really a GT?
  15. phorbiuz

    Real GT....

    Hope the link works (on my phone) http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&id=131475586013&alt=web
  16. Sounds like a beer in the Bird i'th Hand to me. :beer:
  17. In one! :thumbup: I was gonna mention I saw a scrapper mk3 being transported the other day in St Helens, but I guess you know about it. :P
  18. Tho it is a bit bigger than we'd normally allow.
  19. Not sure how much of a spoiler (or just a little splitter) you want, but I've got one in a lockup. Think it could be a Richard Grant one. Do a Google images search and you should easily see what it's like.
  20. I really like that. It screams to me "Stick a big old Ford engine in and lets have some fun!" Good luck selling it. :thumbup:
  21. Never in 20 years get the costs back on a lowly model and I'm a fan of them. Parts only that.
  22. Out of curiosity, how much do these actually sell for then?
  23. phorbiuz

    P100 Wanted

    I can also vouch for this having seen it at a number of NW shows. TBH I really want it myself (I even enquired a couple of years back but Alan beat me to it), but financially it's the wrong time. I've never seen a better example.
  24. I had a set of these in the back of the garage from a Special I broke a few years back. I'll have a root to see if they're still around.
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