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  1. This is going to seem a silly question, but the edit button for you is not next to the reply button?
  2. Pretty sure I have a rear in storage. Give me a shout if your option above falls through.
  3. phorbiuz

    cortina 4 speed

    I've got a 1600 one lying around too, though I'm not in the South.
  4. I'll find out. I would have thought they'd be the same manifold on the same engine.
  5. Anyone got a spare crossflow exhaust manifold to fit my '71 1.6? Took the engine out yesterday for a rebuild and found it has cracked with two of the bolt holes coming off.
  6. It's been on there for some time at that price and I suspect it will still be there some time from now. I've got nothing against them personally. Ugly, cumbersome, slow, yet quirky enough for me to like them. Not at that price though.
  7. phorbiuz

    mk5 estate bits

    I might have an estate towbar, just gotta get someone in the know to double-check it's for an estate not a saloon. FKLGLS will be able to check for me in the next week or so.
  8. NogE - do you still want these parts? I've had a couple of others asking.
  9. Thanks for the input Craig. I've just taken a look and mine has the wider bore at the end to slide over a centre pipe, so this looks like a 2.3 back box (unless you do a bit of metal work). NogE - let me know what you want.
  10. Haha, what's that worth Dave, 10p or something? So Jayne for the front mk3 bumper? NogE for the rear valance, rear mk3 bumper, and estate back box (made by Walker)?
  11. :rofl: Once I get my 10 English pounds I don't care who has it or what they do with it. :thumbup:
  12. Still looking to clear some stuff out before we move house. Is anything here of any interest and I can take the Yat campsite and/or Cortina Day show? From right to left on the pic... * Estate tail box, 2.3 to 2.0, new, £25 * Estate rear valance, gen Ford, offers as I haven't found out how much they go for! * Roof rack, gen Ford, for a mk5, £50 * Back bumper mk3 * Front bumper mk3 * Front bumper mk4 All bumpers aren't show quality. They're useable but have pitting. They're only £10 each tho! * Front grill, all intact and will clean up nice, £5 * Unused speedo with ZERO miles, think from a mk4, good for a concourse rebuild maybe? £20 * Steering rack, good condition,
  13. I've been asked if I can help a friend of a friend find a new project. He wants a mk1 or 2 Cortina or a mk1 Capri. He is a professional panel beater with his own business in the NW and has been on the show circuit in the Mini world. He's not afraid of a big resto, and doesn't want something mostly done. I think he'd want something that isn't missing a load of key parts though. He goes for originality with subtle modern improvements. Budget is obviously dependant on car and condition. If anyone thinks they have something suitable pm me with details please. Pics, description, price etc helps.
  14. Hmmm, that's what I've always had. :rolleyes: Initially you said you couldn't get a reply box in your replies so I compared your settings to mine. I found the editor was different so I changed it from RTE to STD to see if that made a difference. You didn't get back to me - does your reply box work now? I can swap things back easily enough. I've just compared your settings again to another member on here and they're exactly the same, bar comment fields and such.
  15. phorbiuz


    I've checked my spares. Afraid I only have mk3 & 4 and Capri.
  16. phorbiuz

    FAO Admin

    PM'd. You could of course have PM'd one of us. But just in case you didn't know (and for others too)... At the bottom of the main forum page is a box entitled 'Board Statistics'. In that is a link to 'The moderating team' which lists us all. Failing that, at the top of the forum page is a big black banner with an option to 'Contact Us'. Failing that, on the initial BSC web page before the forum (www.buysellcortina.co.uk) there's another 'Contact Us' tab there too. :thumbup:
  17. Lovely looking motor. Try putting it on classic sites like ClassicCarsForSale and CarandClassic. Someone like the Doctor would tidy that a bit more then charge a hefty premium on top.
  18. phorbiuz


    I think the screens I have are all mk3 and mk4 and Capri, but I'll have a check in the next few days.
  19. phorbiuz


    Are you going the Yat Monmouth show? You might either get something there or have a better chance of someone bringing one for you.
  20. phorbiuz

    pinto wanted

    Did you get sorted for this? A mate has a 1600 pinto and I have a matching gearbox for it. Located in St Helens just off the M62.
  21. Cheers peeps. I've been able to determine my mk4 cap is the same as early XR4i and Transit mk2, but they're even rarer motors.
  22. OK. Maybe it stops using the power of anti-gravity. :ufo: If anyone else can help....
  23. Here you go peeps, a picture. I've cut the wires from the clip as I was hungover enough to forget they unclip near the bulkhead too. 3 spade type connections should be inside that housing.
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