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  1. old parts store used to do repros which were very good with the base plate..
  2. I think that mk2 Granada are suitable, they are extended without the swivel part
  3. lol, i did think that when i saw these a while ago!!
  4. If your not sorted I will have one greg
  5. I think Noa is ok, I would prob have one for the sake of it though Greg
  6. If you click on my profile and send me an email, if you send the pics I will get them on this thread for you
  7. That's the one that Pete refers to as the butterfly one Hans
  8. As I type this I am in the scorching heat at Lake Garda...I do have the leave booked to be able to do this trip but building work at home and work mean that I really don't have time to make sure the Cortina is ready...Its an auto and I know nothing about it or if its been rebuilt etc, if it was a manual I would chance it but I don't think realistically I will be able to do it... Its not an outright no, but just not sure at the moment.... What about the rest of you?
  9. Will you be at cortina day next Sunday in Monmouth?
  10. Do you mean the GTStrip? I have a new one I will take to cortina day for sale
  11. I have got a few of these I will be taking to the cortina show for sale
  12. littlenewt2067

    2.3 radiator

    As mentioned by craig, the taxi one won't fit a mk4
  13. I have decided to take a galaxy and drag the cortina up there so I can get some stuff cleared...I've got bucket loads...I don't want to be bringing any back!!
  14. I have two complete efi manifolds, and a loom, ecu, fuel pump, filter, cradle, airbox, anyone interested?? Looking for £150 Will be taking to cortina day
  15. I have loads of parts mainly Mk3 that I am taking to the cortina day, Mk3 wings new and NOS bonnets, bootlids, appliqués, twin headlight grilles and a few backing plates, trim parts, the list goes on. I will get some pics and add to here as I pack the motor
  16. I have edited the title for him now :thumbup:
  17. Ahh, his carb is a MK4 so precedes the VV carb :thumbup:
  18. I will be taking two very good rust free ones to the Yat
  19. As Pete says the adjusters are standard lucas ones, they just wont come with the plastic knob..but I have a few of these (You don't need the knobs, you can remove grill to adjust headlights)
  20. How will you recover them Tibbs? They have that moulded melted line round them? They probably wouldn't come out that well? Just dip in that pocket of yours and go to Aldridge and get brand new ones!!!
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