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  1. Lol! You never know. Which car though.....
  2. Hello Tony. Hope you’re well? Touch wood we are Covid free still here in Swale.
  3. Steve - sent you a message.
  4. Hi Steve. Shed by torchlight as I knew where they were. Are these what you require?
  5. No worries. Send me a message if nothing from me by Saturday evening in case I forget!
  6. No worries. Send me a message if nothing from me by Saturday evening in case I forget!
  7. Let me check my shed this weekend if you’ve not been successful. I can’t promise but I may have a couple tucked away
  8. I’ve got an arb for 18mm bushes but no brackets.
  9. Beautiful. I still haven’t fitted the mudflaps to my LS. Having seen yours, I may be more tempted!
  10. Top job saving the old girl. Must have been hard seeing it like that after just 5 years!
  11. btboy

    Heater plate panel

    Hi. Got to shed this morning. I’m really sorry but I don’t have any left. Craig?
  12. btboy

    Heater plate panel

    Let me check my shed tomorrow. I may have a spare mk4/5 one. Craig will know if it will fit a MK3!
  13. Well done. You did it!
  14. Hi Tony. All ok. Hope you and yours are too? Shoulder now repaired after big fall from mountain bike last year. I won’t try downhill racing on a mountain bike again! Waiting repeat MRI on leg as I’ve some bone die back caused by some sort of trauma. I’m still out on my road bike when I can.
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