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  1. That looks incredible. What a stunning machine. Really pleased for you!
  2. Can’t add anything other than to say ‘thank you’ for a really interesting post. Enjoy the the little/big differences you can find on our cars.
  3. Craig - checked the parts compatibility section - am I right in thinking estate doors from a Mk4/5 fit a Mk4 4 door saloon? Thanks.
  4. If Craig hasn’t, I have a pair of early mk3 arms available.
  5. Not great photo but here’s my mi5 saloon on the rotisserie from the back
  6. I bought a rotisserie for my mk5 and used the bumper mounts front and back as you suggest. I had no issues. Hope that helps. Can’t recall pivot height
  7. Check the flap is closing fully in the heater housing when you operate the controls. The flap original had some foam backing that perishes and can stop full movement/seal. As Craig says as above and also check cable run from heater control to the bit in your photo. Mine had become stiff
  8. Hi - not sure where you are located but if in Kent, I have the tool you could borrow.
  9. Lol! You never know. Which car though.....
  10. Hello Tony. Hope you’re well? Touch wood we are Covid free still here in Swale.
  11. Steve - sent you a message.
  12. Hi Steve. Shed by torchlight as I knew where they were. Are these what you require?
  13. No worries. Send me a message if nothing from me by Saturday evening in case I forget!
  14. No worries. Send me a message if nothing from me by Saturday evening in case I forget!
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