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  1. I’m sure my LS has a 20mm arb. I’ll check next time I go to car.
  2. If Dutboy doesn’t take , can I have, please? Thanks. Paul
  3. Thanks Craig. I’ve sent you a message.
  4. Thanks Kev. I've taken them all off so I'll wait to hear from Craig before I take one in to match up.
  5. Thanks Craig. I'll wait to hear from you.
  6. Rebuilding a spare front cradle. Just stripped the hubs and noticed I’ve got one long wheel stud on each. Anyone got two proper ones available to purchase. They’ve got a slot in the end. Thanks Paul
  7. btboy

    WANTED swop or px

    Glad you’re okay, bad news about the car. Hope it can be repaired.
  8. Tony I've got a couple. £10 each untested plus postage cheers Paul
  9. btboy

    Mk5 Estate

    Hi mate. What's the tailgate like? Hopefully I'll never need one but a spare could prove useful. Thanks. Paul
  10. I'll check my shed this weekend. I may be able to help.
  11. I've a pair. Shot blasted and powder coated in black. I'm in Kent if you are this way?
  12. btboy

    Mk 5 Dash

    Hi Ron Yep I got one here in Sittingbourne . Not back until Tuesday week so if you need one urgently I can't help until then.
  13. Pete - do you mean the shroud around the radiator? I've got a good one I can possibly get to the Yat.
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