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  1. What car does the boss fit?
  2. Lovely stuff looks great :thumbup:
  3. I'd like to but I have 2 kids I need to kart around!
  4. Thanks for the updates, first one is a bit too far, already looked at the mk2 already seems ok but slightly over budget for me wouldn't leave me any money to get it nice. Thanks for keeping an eye out :thumbup:
  5. Cheers , already glued to these sites, just pot luck I guess to be the first to see the bargain!
  6. :unsure: Pauper seeks Cortina! Hate to beg but here goes, I am after a cheap Cortina that is on the road or not too far off being on the road. I sadly had to sell my other Cortina's years ago(family commitments). Desperatly after finding one now. Would really like MK1,2 or 3 but would consider mk4-5. I'm not a messer or trying to make a profit I want one I can use and enjoy and look after. I would give the car a good loving home and cherish it. Looking for something around £1500. If you can help me out I would be over the moon Thanks Daniel
  7. That's not going to be a quick one! Good luck with that can't wait to see the finished artical.. What's the plans for it? Or is it going to be a suprise?
  8. :drool: Looking nice, cant wait to go out for a ride...
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