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  1. Have you any pics of the MkII Lotus Crayford?
  2. See highlights from the 50th anniversary trip on the MkIIOC website https://www.fordcortinamk2oc.co.uk/gallery/cortinas-to-cortina-2012/
  3. Hello all. Planning work is well under way for a road run to Cortina d'Ampezzo in celebration of the 60th anniversary of the Ford Cortina. Covid allowing, our adventure will set of once again from the private Ford Heritage Collection at Dagenham on Friday 2nd September 2022 before heading for Harwich for the overnight ferry to Hook of Holland where we will then travel southwards through Germany, across Austria and into Italy a week later. After spending the weekend in Cortina d'Ampezzo we first head westwards to Lake Garda for a couple of nights and then onwards to Turin before heading for the home run via Lake Geneva, Dijon and then through the Champagne region to Calais for the ferry back to Dover on Sunday 18th September. Its going to be a very different trip to 2012 and we have some great places to visit along the way that should include the Ford Heritage Collection in Cologne and the old Fiat roof top test track as seen in the original Italian Job. If you would like to join us please contact us at cortinastocortina2022@gmail.com
  4. Surely the nearest Ford dealer to Croydon is Dees? They've been there, well, forever
  5. Hi all Yes, Pete and I have set some dates and put some plans together for next year for what should work out to be the best C2C run yet. However, its all currently paused due to the ongoing covid situation. I'm hoping we can make some progress towards it this autumn and start getting a few things set but with September 2022 still a long way off much could change between now and then. Watch this space as they say!
  6. Owners Club spares scheme has them https://www.fordcortinamk2oc.co.uk/spares_scheme.htm
  7. The internal length of MkII legs can differ by quite a large amount, which means some inserts can be too short and will need some packing shims in the bottom of the casing while others can indeed be too long and the cap won't be able screw down. Inserts are pretty hard to find today and more than likely are old stock so seals can already be degraded before use. Best answer is to send the legs to GAZ who will rebuild a full wet leg to whatever spec you want using all new parts, most of which they machine themselves on site. BTW, don't forget when fitting inserts to put some oil between the insert and the leg casing - partly to stop the casing from rusting from the inside out, but also to help the heat transfer away from the insert.
  8. Yup, that's sapphire Steve. There was a run of late MkIIs where Ford appear to have been testing out MkII colours. We know of a few, all on DYT ***J no plates. Theres another sapphire one, and one in Sunburst Red (I think!!!) that we know are definitely around
  9. Yes and no - the wider piston tops are for the pre-crossflow cars that have roller tops. The narrower pieces for the rubber top mounts arrived with the crossflow engines, halfway though series I production
  10. <blockquote class='ipsBlockquote'data-author="Mk2 Crayford" data-cid="675457" data-time="1531764095"><p> Is there a difference on series 1 & 2?</p></blockquote> Yes. Series Is dont have them at all.
  11. One day Hans, one day soon hopefully. You're very welcome to drop in and have a preview if you're ever in the area ;)
  12. Thanks Trust me Steve, you don't want to know. Missed you at Monmouth, hope all is good with you? Erm, year, years ago...….. Hope it'll be soon, but don't hold your breath!
  13. Mines been given some electric for the first time since the resto started over 16 years ago - and nothing caught fire! :O
  14. http://www.fordcortinamk2oc.co.uk/great_western_classic_car_show_2018.htm Another "Best Club Display" to the MkIIOC
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