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  1. Owners Club spares scheme has them https://www.fordcortinamk2oc.co.uk/spares_scheme.htm
  2. <blockquote class='ipsBlockquote'data-author="Mk2 Crayford" data-cid="675457" data-time="1531764095"><p> Is there a difference on series 1 & 2?</p></blockquote> Yes. Series Is dont have them at all.
  3. G.O


    MkIIOC club spares scheme has them in stock, Rod might even have put a few in to take to the National this weekend at Stratford
  4. You can certainly see why it was going to be cut up!
  5. G.O

    Mk2 cortina tca

  6. No, that's a new one on me, looks great with that tan interior but what a shame the rear arches were put on in the wrong place. Would love to know the asking price
  7. I've seen the fourth one, it all looked like the real thing to me
  8. And different again if Gt/E/Lotus dash
  9. It varied from day to day, anything between 100 and 250. All timed depending on nice places to stay at and not having to go too far in one hit, the idea being to have mending time each day for breakdowns or time to wander around the places instead of spending all day every day driving - all in the name of keeping wives and girlfriends happy
  10. The meets are back on at the Halfway House if you fancy it, 1st Tuesday from 8pm (ish)
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