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  1. Cars coming along nicely Pete, looking forward to seeing it in the flesh hopefully pretty soon. As for the headlining, I used a guy called Lee to make mine for the van, he did a really good job and cheap too, although i had to source the material and give him the old one as a template. Look him up at Autotrim Portsmouth. He's only in Hilsea. Really nice bloke, tell him I sent you if you go there. As for fitting the headlining, its not too bad of a job. I fitted the one in my mk3, with a roll cage in the way and managed alright. Just be patient with it and you'll be fine. Dave's top tip is get the garage/workshop or wherever as hot as you can, makes the vinyl more pliable and un-saggy!!
  2. I'll try again, sorry if its another missing picture! There was a whole wall of glass pictures, from vulcan bombers to animals to art work done by children. I'm guessing a community project, but very effective.
  3. I guess thats an invisible picture then. You'll just have to use your imagination as to what it looks like as i really cant be bothered to work out how to put pictures up on here. One day this forum might become as easy to use as every other forum out there. Probably one of the many reasons no one comes on here any more...
  4. Found this piece of stained glass Cortina art along Worthing pier.
  5. I presume when you say teeth you mean the halfshaft splines? If so it'll be 16.
  6. Have you taken the rocker assembly off and wazzed the engine over (with the plugs out)? If you get no oil from the supply hole after doing this i'd agree that a cam bearing has spun or been incorrectly fitted. Whats the history of the engine? New build or unknown history etc?
  7. Depends on what 302 and 281 you're referring to- 302 windsor and cleveland will fit a 281 box of the same era... 302 windsor and cleveland wont fit the later modular (ohc) v8 281 gearbox... Modular 302 will fit modular 281 gearbox
  8. Had a bit of motivation today for my mk3, it's not really seen the light of day for 2 and a half years because lack of interest. Went to see it with a charged battery and a few gallons of optimax, and after checking levels and a bit of cranking she was alive. Got lots of cleaning to do though, lots of furry aluminium to sort out, tyres to pump up and a good wash. And it's a bit mouldy inside too. Then insurance and mot. We might even get a nice day between now and xmas.... I even started a YouTube channel, that's how motivated I was!! Just got to work out how to put a link on here... https://youtu.be/ECqyIdKpZC0 Supercharger sounds very whiny on the vid, it's not that loud in real life!
  9. Yes, did this with a mk2 Granada rack and pump from an Astra. Did this on a Capri and hid the pump under the wing.
  10. Someone will probably say otherwise but from memory I think the power rack is a lower ratio. Maybe use one as a normal rack without the pump and other gubbins?
  11. I'm in Portsmouth, and about all day tomorrow if you need any thing or a second pair of eyes to look things over. Which car is it, there's not many in Portsmouth that I've seen. Give us a shout if you need anything :thumbup:
  12. And presumably there's enough atf in the gearbox? If the torque converters not full of oil you lose the flywheel effect on the engine thus running lumpy. Saying that, also make sure the torque converter is fitted properly and driving the oil pump, or maybe the pump could be borked...
  13. Cant remember off the top of my head if there's a manifold vacuum connection to the Borg warner box? If there is, make sure that it is connected properly and make sure the pipe is in good nick with no air leaks.
  14. I had 225/40/17 on the rear of mine once, and I remember thinking at the time that was as big as could be. No contact with anything. How come you don't want to tub it??
  15. Not Collins radiators, but SW Radiators. SW Radiators Airport service road, Portsmouth. 02392 667641 07436 581561
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