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  1. First time I have seen this thread , and just looked at the link to the NZ forum. The work you have done is outstanding. Not many people go to the trouble to unpick most panels to get to the hidden rust in the joins / seams. Excellent job.
  2. Wow , excellent body work. As said above , it would be a shame to paint it.
  3. There appear to be quite a few trimmers in Kent , have you checked them out rather than take it all the way to Aldridge?
  4. Loving the quality of this restoration , but something not looking right with this new armrest cover. Not sure if that's how its supposed to be but the seem between the side and top looks too low and the cover looks a bit ripply on top. Maybe its where you have only trial fitted it? https://www.buysellcortina.co.uk/forums/index.php?app=core&module=attach&section=attach&attach_rel_module=post&attach_id=46613
  5. I've got a set here , and I'm just up the road from you , in Horsham. Ping me a message if you want to collect.
  6. To find decent stuff will be expensive as you are up against the Lotus owners.. The last NOS bit I had I sold for over £200 for just the center section. It marks very easily and not easy to re-anodize making finding decent second hand stuff hard. Good luck with the search.
  7. I've got a decent estate one I would sell. This will fit a saloon as long as you have the correct bumper irons.
  8. If you haven;t done so already , it might be worth putting a wanted ad up in the Aussie based MK1 forum. You may get one closer to home , or someone maybe able to salvage one from a used shell for you. http://www.cortina-mk1classifieds.com/forum/forum.php
  9. As far as I know this panel was never available as a pattern part (happy to be corrected on this though) , apart from the ones being re manufactured by Expressed Steel Panels , which this one is not one of them. The reason many of these "NOS" panels survive is they are the seconds / rejected ones , that were not good enough to fit for what ever reason , eg bad pressing etc. I suspect this could be one of those panels. I know this doesn't help the buyer , but if he was supplied with pictures of what he was purchasing beforehand and he has received that item , then I think this has to be put down to experience (or lack of)
  10. Dave - any reason why the main hoop of the rollcage is towards the rear of the car. Isn't this normally just behind the front seats , I assume to offer max protection to the driver? Just curious.
  11. Is it only me that has to click on the links to see the photo's?
  12. You'd be better off buying the repro panels from somewhere like ExPresssed Steel , etc. They will all be rotten out on the cars.
  13. Its looking stunning. Don't forget to squirt some wax everywhere before you put too much of the interior back - that stuff gets everywhere!
  14. Keith - I seem to recall Pre-airflpw and airflow ones are different. Might be worth checking.
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