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  1. Hello folks, After the sad sale of my beloved mk5 Cosworth Cortina I have one last bit of Cortina to dispose of, a heavy duty mk3 rear axle casing (at least that's what I was told it was). It has the serrated mounting points for the trailing arms. The axle is incomplete with no diff or half shafts and only one brake drum fitted. It is free to a good home, collection only from Durrington, Wiltshire. Regards, Smiler.
  2. Well it has finally happened, my long suffering old Cortina is now on eBay. Hopefully she will catch the eye of someone who can treat her with the attention that I simply can't. Cosworth Cortina I'm going to miss her but I know that I'll never get her finished. Regards, Smiler.
  3. The technical glitch has been resolved, she is now up and running again. :) They say the proof is in the pudding so here's a youtube clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pAXaPr7bHDc#t=0 She'll be appearing on eBay at the end of the month. Regards, Smiler.
  4. The car has a full page article in Retro Ford magazine again this month (page 84) and another photo of it in the letters page (page 7), though you do have to put up with my mug-shots too. You have been warned...
  5. Due to a technical hitch the Cortina probably won't be appearing on eBay tomorrow, as soon as the hitch is resolved and the listing goes ahead I shall announce it on here.
  6. I'm about to put my mk5 up for sale on eBay and it could do with a new pair of front wings. I shall point the new owner in your direction.
  7. Ta very much. The only nasty that I couldn't get on film was the hole mentioned in the rear of the off-side inner sill. I have a photo of it which thinking about it I could have spliced into the video (the wonders of windows movie maker). I ran out of time to film the car running and driving as it was filmed during my lunch break. I am sad to have to let her go but if I don't she's only going to get worse. She's very much save-able at the moment but by the time I get around to her it'll be a very different story. Cheers, Smiler.
  8. Hello Folks, I haven't been very active on here for a while now as due to life circumstances I haven't been able to progress my Cortinas build for a number of years. As this situation isn't set to change anytime soon I've reluctantly decided to offer her up for sale before she deteriorates. I shall be putting her up for auction hopefully by friday 31st Jan. In the meantime, here is a youtube video of a walk around the car. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ybxy_af4fL0 Regards, Simon.
  9. Ta very much. I just hope that when she doe wake up she doesn't get out of the wrong side of the bed...
  10. The photos are a bit flattering but there's plenty of life left in her yet. Hoping to have her fully mobile by next sunday, then starts a survey of the body work to assess it's condition. There's nothing structural that I know of but I'll see what I find.
  11. Hello folks, not been on here for quite some time, and not paid my beloved Cortina the attention she deserves for an equally long time. This was due mainly to project 'Wife & Kids' taking over both my time and my bank account. However, after lying in a half finished dormant state on my parents drive for way too long, my Cortina is finally receiving some long overdue attention. The car is still structurally sound but does have a number of areas requiring work and is starting to look a bit scruffy. The sills appear solid though. The clutch didn't appear to be disengaging so the first job was to free it off. Sadly the parents drive isn't long enough to try the old method of start it in gear and drive around stamping on the clutch and brake pedals method so I had to opt for plan 'B', separate the engine & box and free it off manually. The clutch, a new Capri 2.8i unit when fitted, was then removed. The clutch plate was indeed stuck to the flywheel but soon came free without much drama and mating faces cleaned up. It was then reassembled. The engine, gearbox and the now empty engine bay were all given a quick clean up before refitting, the engine bay with the use of a pressure washer! This didn't reveal any huge nasty surprises but there are rust stain emanating from the seams of the inner wings to the front panels beneath the headlamp bowls (no holes visible) and the inner wing top rails require some repairs. The outer wings both need replacing really but are serviceable. With the clutch freed off it's time to reunite the engine and gearbox and refit them into the waiting bay. Next job is to re-fit the clutch pedal with its lovely sprung loaded automatic adjuster mechanism and see if it's all working as it should. Smiler.
  12. The car is at my parents place in Wiltshire not too far from Stonehenge. As for price, I need to get over there and sort out what state it is in first. I am presently signed off work for a week to recover post a minor op which means no playing with cars but hope to get it ready on the net couple of weeks. The engine starts and runs as stated and it has a shiny new electric fuel pump fitted. Smiler.
  13. Oh nuts, I was hoping to avoid breaking her. Thinking of what there is to sell. Breaking: Engine complete with loom etc... 5 speed type 9 (suposedly low mileage since rebuild according to original seller but no proof, was clean and painted though) Front brake conversion parts Interior complete Alloy wheels Modified heater box for Cosworth conversion Modified intrument cluster (rev-counter) for Cosworth conversion Or as a complete car: All of the above obviously, Fully Polybushed (can't remember the make but not Superflex or Powerflex)with much improved handling new clutch Battery relocated to boot with very nice very rare power cable (starter motor cable from a Hawker Siddley Andover turbo-prop aircraft, google it) Requires: Exhaust system Welding to shell Front wings are shabby I shall get the thing ready for sale, take some photos and a video of the engine starting and running and see what kind of interest it generates as a complete car. Smiler.
  14. If I were to strip it I would rip it apart in a weekend and just put the lot on ebay. But saying that, if it doesn't all sell I'll be out of pocket and I really can't bring myself to do that. The car spent twenty tears in the care of the same owner who loved it and then, after a couple of others, I get my hands on it and allow it to fester. It deserves better. Breaking it just doesn't feel right. I think I'll sell it complete. Then at least it stands a chance of greatness. Thanks for the replies, best get a plan of action in place for the weekend and get it cleaned up and assessed ready for sale. As for pics, visit my website (link in sig). The photos are all old and the body is not nearly as tidy now. Smiler.
  15. I spotted that too,glad it's not just me that goes car spotting on the TV. :)
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