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  1. Hi, I have a Ford sandwich plate in the garage. Not sure what it is off but I have a photo of the plate and it's number. If it is not what you are looking for I would appreciate anyone who could ID it for me. Steve
  2. Hi Beeper, Give the joint a really good clean off on both sides and have a go at soldering it. Use a gas torch rather than a soildering iron. Obviously with the sender unit out of the tank !! Steve
  3. Must have been a Local heading south away from Nickola !!
  4. HI Kevin, will send you a PM ref cost etc. Steve
  5. You are aware that the tempaguge is faulty.
  6. I do love a clean and tidy Paint Shop. Just a bit of a fire there risk I think.
  7. I agree with Martog change them out. But don't go to wild with the grinder. Leave a bit of the rivet head in place and use a punch and a good sized hammer and knock the rivets out.
  8. HI, I have a housing with a Rev Counter, Speedo, Temp and Fuel Gauge from my MK5 2.0 Ghia. I swapped it over as the Temp Gauge was faulty. It is all MK5 apart from the Speedo which is MK4. Cheers Steve
  9. Hi John, You must have got a fresh Doctors note for the Cortina. I take that she passed OK, no problems. Is Nickola any closer to letting you all out to play? We have got this close, both working through and Wham. We are both self isolating after been contacted by Track and Trace. We had been with some one who tested positive the day after.
  10. Thats all I used. It's about all there is !!
  11. Not that far from Barrow to Manchester. A lot easier to collect than get them shipped.
  12. Yes. Expressed Steel Panels make them for MK3's. Not cheap but? Not sure if the fir MK4 or MK5 Cortinas. https://www.steelpanels.co.uk/products/ford/cortina-mk-3/floor-cortina-mk-3/rh-half-floor-c3f5/
  13. Now I just need to figure out how to get the DVLA to accept the 1980 Build Date.
  14. Hi John, The last 2 characters before the numbers in my VIN are not on the Build Date Code List. I got the info that it is the 5th & 6th letters from a post that Craig put up. I will see if Craig replies. How are you doing , Has Nicola let you all out to play yet?
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