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  1. If you do find a pair of new drop links the only people I have come across who sell the bushes for them are SuperFlex. Steve
  2. Hi, If it is the female screw connection below and to the left of the rear core plug in the picture it is a Drain point for the block and usually has a Hex Blanking Plug fitted. Cheers Steve
  3. Hi, Try EuroFlo Exhausts. I have used them on my MK5 Saloon. Very good quality and reasonable price.
  4. Hi Steve


    Just curious, do you still own my old MK5 you got of me a few years back? CEV 382X, regards, Mark


    1. Steve Walton

      Steve Walton

      Hi Mark,

                        I certainly do still own your old MK5 Ghia. A bit different than when you owned it. Completley rebuilt body and engine and now sporting a 4 Speed Auto Box.

      Any reason for asking?







  5. Be careful that the Torque Convertor doesn't come out of the Bell Housing that won't be good. Put a few cable ties across the Bell Housing to keep it in place.
  6. I have used these people in the past but not sure if they are still in business?? Also might be worth trying Motomobil in Germany. Classic Car parts Direct. MC Trading Ltd unit 5 block 3. Vestry trading estate. Otford road, Sevenoaks, Kent. 01732 742881
  7. Hi, You could always try "Expressed Panels" You might have to sell a few internal organs to pay for them!!
  8. Hi, You have a good plan to do it all at once. If you look at my thread you will see that I left the factory mounts in place but narowed them down as the A4 oil pan is to wide to fit between the mounts. Not a difficult job if you are handy with a MIG Welder. Of course I can give you the measurements of my plates etc. It might be a while as I need to get the car up off the floor. I used the original C3 Shifter so that the car looks standard. The box shifts OK but the pointer on the shifter is slightly out of line with the PRND12 marks. If you go for the C3 shifter you will need a Tailshaft housing with 2 speedo fittings. Cheers Steve
  9. Whats your next move? You have all the mechanicla bits. Are you moving or altering the gearbox mounts in the trans tunnel?
  10. Flex Plate looks to be the right one. There is a part number on it. Have a look through my thread the part number of my flex plate is in there. It will also have "Motor Side" on it which is the side that goes towards the block. It looks to be the right way round in the photo. Also does the starter in the pictures fit the hole in the sandwich plate? My starter has a smaller locating ring as the A4ld satrter is different to a C3 starter. You need to fasten the Flex Plate and torque Convertor in to the bell housing to prevent the Torque Convertor coming out of the front of the gearbox as it will damage the oil seal in the gear box oil pump. Cable ties will do around the bolts that are in the edges of the bell housing.
  11. Looks like you have got a lot of electrics there. I don't see the flex plate or a torque converter. Is it in the bell housing? 🤔
  12. Getting There. Did you get the Torque Convertor, Flex Plate and Sandwich [ Dust] Plate?
  13. Hi GXL, I have spoken to my Auto Box Guy. Have a look in the top of the White plug if there are 2 pins you are in business, if there are 3 pins you have a problem Houston. The Gear box has 4 speeds. In your 1st photo there are 2 "Servos" to the left of the oil cooler pipes, where as a C3 box only has 1 "Servo" The lock up Torque Convertor operates like an overdrive. He said the box will work OK with 4 speeds available but the lock up wont work, unless I think you an put it on a Switch. Do you still have access to the car the box came out of ? If you do see if you can get the Kick Down Switch off the Throttle Assembly. As a guide my MK5 runs at approx 3000 rpm at 70mph. Steve
  14. HI, Yes this should be in the Engine / Transmission Section. The electric conection to the right is the inhibitor switch, same as your C3 will plug straight in to your car. The lower solenoid with the long horizontal wire is the electric kick down.This can be changed to manual by a cable operated by the throttle cable. Or a switch on the throttle cable / rod as it is just an on / off solenoid The white plug on the side of the box is the electric connection to the Valve Block. The electric plug controls the Lock up Torque Convertor. This connection is controlled by a speed sensor on the tailshaft housing and a a box of electricery !! I have an Auto Box guy. I will ask him if the box will work without the white plug wired up.
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