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  1. Hi Corty 1, If you are missing the correct sandwich plate I have one for sale. Cheers Steve
  2. Must say, That is a really nice rust free bonnet. Most you see for sale are decidedly tatty.
  3. This advert on Ebay might be of use to either Glenn or if someone buys the salvege. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Mercedes-W108-W109-W113-W112-W111-Parts-restoration/173996656866?hash=item28830248e2:g:H2sAAOSwkVxbETNr Cheers Steve
  4. Steve Walton

    Ghia wheels

    Probably worth the £500 but finding a buyer might be the problem. Cheers Steve
  5. If my memory is correct I think the guy you are thinking of Passed Away earlier this year. In a RTA I think. Steve
  6. Cost's Nowt to ask John.
  7. Here you go John, Might have to sell some of your organs though !! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ford-Cortina-TF-Mk5-Taunus-Stainless-Steel-Gutter-Trims-Chrome-Drip-Rail-Moulds/264241085593?hash=item3d85fefc99:g:G7AAAOSwWXhcjFze On the serious side East Kent have trim for a MK4 in stock is that not the same ?? Worth asking them when it will be in stock. Cheers Steve
  8. Rusty Gold Satkyn, Rusty Gold !!
  9. Hi, When I was looking for parts for my MK5 Ghia Sunroof I was told they were made by a company called" Golde" if I remember correctly. They also fitted a very similar Golde Sunroof to MK1 Golfs. I do know the cables from a Golf fit a MK5 sunroof. Hope this is of help Cheers Steve
  10. I saw this MK5 for sale a couple of weeks ago. Nice clean honest looking car with a great story and history. Steve
  11. Hi, As title I am looking for a Steering Column / Shaft for my MK5 Cortina with Power Steering. A good condition used shaft or a NOS would be great. Been for MOT today the car passed but there was the start of some play in the Universal Joint at the top of the shaft. Thanks Steve
  12. Hi, You might have a problem looking for Second Hand Tramp Bar Brackets. Bit like rocking horse poo. Expressed Panels do them for a MK1 Cortina. Downside is they are a Hefty £314.11p + Vat + P&P. for a pair. Cheers Steve
  13. Hi Graeme, I am in Darlington. The sender unit was working fine when I replaced it with a NOS one about 4 years ago. It has been kept in a box in my garage since then. I have noticed that the smaller return pipe is slightly loose and could do with soldering. I am looking for £20 inc P&P Cheers Steve
  14. I have one for sale. Used but in good condition when removed. Steve
  15. Hi, I have a used double pipe fuel sender. It was working fine when removed from my fuel tank a couple of years ago. Kept in a box. Cheers Steve
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