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  1. Hi, I have just clicked on the "Garage" Tab and it opened in the Garage Directory page but at the moment the page is empty. Steve
  2. Hi, Boot Repair panel for the fuel filler side for sale on Ebay. Item number 382751671038 starting at £29.99p. Genuine seller, I have bought from him in the past. Cheers Steve
  3. I think it's a very limited market for both selling and buying a C3 box. There are two for sale as a pair on Ebay at the moment and the seller wants £300 for them along with the shifters. They have been re listed at least twice. Steve
  4. Hi, I saw the Left Hooker Sherpa and I must say apart from all the Silicone lavished on it, it looked a real proper thing but at £15k not for me. Steve
  5. Mmmm, I have a feeling it has sold to a "Friend" of the Doc. Can I ask How you know the history RT1006 i.e the £3500 purchase price? Steve
  6. Hi Ken, Are you having issues with your MK5 Ghia's C3 Box? I sold a fully refurbished one last year with a Torque Convertor + starter motor for around £200 if I remember correctly. That is what it cost me to have it rebuilt. Buying a 2nd hand Auto box is a bit of a gamble it does help if the box is in a driveable car. Most boxes have not been serviced during their life. Cheers Steve
  7. Just noticed the NASTY Pair of After Market Speakers in the front doors. Don't think Uncle Henry supplied those as standard.
  8. WOW Just looked at the advert and 6 hours in bidding is at £6099.99p and all honest bidding!!
  9. I was never aware that Ford Diamond Cut and Painted the Recesses White in Ghia Alloy Wheels, But maybe they knew that this MK5 would eventually end up in the care of the Doctor. I have seen quite a few Ghia Alloy wheels in my time and I have never seen a diamond Cut One.
  10. The Doc has another minter for sale https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/OUTSTANDING-1981-FORD-CORTINA-Mk5-2-3-GHIA-WITH-FACTORY-S-PACK-1-OWNER-FROM-NEW/202551181944?hash=item2f28fdc278:g:YmIAAOSwpJ5cJ5eM:rk:1:pf:1&frcectupt=true Probably the best in the world !!
  11. They have been for sale on the Bay for a couple of months, keep thinking what am I missing here ??
  12. There is apair of Front GLS Seats for a Cortina on Ebay. You will need deep pockets. Ebay Item Number 183486238653 Steve
  13. Expressed Panels do Scuttle End Repair Panels. £100.77p plus Vat Each plus P&P www.steelpanels.co.uk Steve
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