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  1. Absolutley Stunning. A credit to you.
  2. Hi Craig, I was wondering if it possible to support the Car and lower the Sub Frame?
  3. HI, Just wondering if anyone has changed the 4 bushes that hold the Front Sub Frame in place on a MK5 Cortina. This is with the engine still in the car. The front 2 look easy as they look to come out from the outside of the Cahssis if that makes sense. The 2 main ones above the Top suspension arms have to come out towards the engine. Reason for the question is that I have Polyurethene Bushes in the Front and I am sure they are transmitting road noise into the car. Cheers Steve
  4. Here you go !! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/302919671966?hash=item46876b609e:g:jr8AAOSwEAthXZ7I Steve
  5. Must be this that you are looking for. Must say I have neverseen one! I got this of the Fordopedia site. It has the Part No but not a lot of use nowadays. https://www.fordopedia.org/parts-catalog/pinto-ohc/B8.10 Gasket - intermediate plate Engine: TL Cheers Steve 1 D 9/73 - 10/88 1541666 74HM 6N008 AA
  6. HI, I have a Sandwhich Plate if you need one. It came of my MK5 2.0 C3 Box when I upgraded to an A4LD Box. Cheers Steve
  7. Hi Craig, I will have one off you. I will send you a payment tomorrow. Would you have a Heated Rear Window Switch with Spade connections by any chance. Cheers Steve
  8. Hi, Thanks for the heads up. Apologies for the wrong Number strangely enough I am waiting for new glasses. Old age is a wonderful thing. I wll keep an eye on the switch, It looks to have been on for a couple of months. I had a look at my Heated Rear Window switch as well it has the same "Spade" type connectors. Thanks Again. Steve
  9. HI, I am looking for a Hazard Light Switch for my 82 MK5 2.0 Ghia. According to Motomobil's Web Site this particular switch was only fitted from 08/81 to 06/82 So maybe not so easy to find? As you can see the switch has "spade" connectors and not "pins" as in earlier switches. There is a part number on my switch which may help - Ford 82FG13A350AA. Thanks in Advance. Steve
  10. HI, I have a Sandwhich Plate if you need one. It came of my MK5 2.0 C3 Box when I upgraded to an A4LD Box. Cheers Steve
  11. Hi, Been for a 50 mile run out today in the MK5 to collect a nice set of Ghia Alloys for my friend John Mack who is from North of the Border, But we won't hold that against him. As well as collecting the wheels I got a small collection of Motorcraft bits. 3 EFL 90 Oil Filters, No stuck on ebay labels here !! and 8 BFS 3ZC Spark Plugs. I think these will be gonig up for sale.
  12. Are you putting her away for the Winter John?
  13. Run Out models I think they were called? Use up all the left over bits.
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