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  1. Run Out models I think they were called? Use up all the left over bits.
  2. Hi, Have a look here, Best to be sitting down first !! https://www.retroford.co.uk/product/ss017-2-4/
  3. Sorry John, I thought you only had one furry friend. When we came back down the queue for the Forth Bridge was back to jct 3 south bound so we went via Glasgow and the M74. [Always have the traffic on the radio!!] I have to say that there is some stunning scenery on the way up and back on the A9. Its a long time since was up that way probably last century.
  4. Looked like a good day out John, Cany hike from your place I would have thought. Have you been geting another 4 legged friend? A couple of weeks ago we had a run up to Nairn to pick up some old trials bike parts. Not impressed with all of the speed cameras on the A9 or all of the holiday traffic. Quite a run out 700 mile round trip. Took the Audi thought it was a bit to much for the Cortina 700 miles in a day.
  5. I believe Halfrauds have a list of cars/ jobs they won't touch. A friend of mine has a late model Disco, it developed a Turbo issue. The garage had to lift the body off the chassis to acess / change the Turbos.
  6. I had a cheaper option I used to borrow things when I was a youth. But now I use a local motor factor who is quite good a parts for the Ghia. Back to the Halfrauds prices have you ever noticed what they charge Joe Public for fitting a Battery or Bulb or Wiper Blades? At least Dick Turpin had the decency to wear a mask
  7. John, You have money to Burn if you can afford to shop at Halfrauds.
  8. HI KELLTINA, Yes the dimples denote where you need to drill the holes. Small hole first then open up to the required size. Yes Grill out and Bumper off. If you look at the dimples and the brackets it is self explanatry. When I got my MK5 it had brackets fastened to the bumper and a pair of 30 bob spotlamps fitted. Put a bit of primer in the holes to keep the old rust at bay. Cheers Steve
  9. Hi, You should find 2 dimples 4.5" from the inner edge of the lights. The 2 dimples together will be underneath the bottom frow of your grill the single dimple will be in the vertical face of your front panel underneath the 2 dimples. There is also a Factory fitted wire to feed the spots It runs in the loom behind the battery and if memory serves me right it is a beefy wire with a female end on it. Cheers Steve
  10. Hi, I have a MK5 2.0 Auto and I have an Oldham "097" Battery fitted. Square Posts. Any Half Decent Motor Factors should be able to supply you with a battery. Hope this is of help. Cheers Steve
  11. What can you say to a man with a bigger measurement than you??
  12. John, I remember my Front springs are Std Height. I put the -1" Burton Springs on Ebay and when they sold I thought Mmm Good Luck with them. The new MOT is good news
  13. No problem as always just trying to help out one of our own.
  14. HI John, Got to agree with you looks to be sitting a Tad high. I have just been and measured mine, It s 322mm from the very low inside edge of the wheel arch to the centre of the Wheel Centre cap. I have Burton springs fitted but can't remember for certain but I think they are Std Height. If you remember I had at least 2 goes to get the front end to look right. Have you got a fresh MOT yet or is it work in progress?
  15. Ebay ?? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/334078924605?hash=item4dc8a7d73d:g:i1kAAOSwIlVg8VM6
  16. Hi markd, I have just seen this on Ebay. Might be of interest to you. Cheers Steve https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/294344789341?hash=item4488510d5d:g:XDcAAOSwD0xhHjtV
  17. I will have a look in the Garage, I might still have the original ones of my MK5 2.0 Pinto. Like a few others on here I tend to hoard stuff. Steve
  18. Great looking MK5. Welcome to the Forum.
  19. Hi MK3 Mahem, I have used this type of bolt for all the bolts on my 2.0 Pinto. They do a M10 Thread x Various lengths with a Flanged 15mm head. Great Quality and look good https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/114307049467?hash=item1a9d3b27fb:g:m2UAAOSw6rVe4BaX . Hope this is of help Steve
  20. Floor and Inner Wings look Mint.
  21. Who are H&H John? Had a look on Ebay but no joy. Are they a complete package? I see Nickola have let you all out to play at last. Steve
  22. Hi All Thanks for the usual help and advice. Next question ia which system should I /Would you go for? I have found 3 or 4 on the bay. My thoughts are to go for a complete package i.e Distributor/ Coil etc. Suggestions please. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/114298384039 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/124638302511 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/170533129881 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/194080886237 Thanks in advance Steve
  23. Hi, Need a bit of advice on Electronic Ignition Please. Will the Rev Counter still work with Electronic Ignition? [MK5 2.0 Ghia] Which is the best set up to buy? Are they Plug and Play? Thanks in Advance. Steve
  24. John, I asked he same question, and very kindly Craig answered the questions for me. Have a look for my post.
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