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  1. Tigdlo

    SU fuel pumps

    It should work ok. I believe that the pusher pumps, as fitted to the earlier Minis, need to be situated below the tank outlet, because they haven’t got enough suck!
  2. Hi Stuart, To do the same today would cost in excess of £2k, so I’d be looking around £1,000. Pete
  3. Offers are invited for a complete 1500GT (pre-crossflow) engine, which was rebuilt in 2004 for use in my Ford 100e, but a change of plan meant that although it was run for around half an hour, it was never driven. Since then, it has been dry stored, and I have recently removed the head for examination. The specification:- Block - Cortina mk1 1500. Linered and bored +0.060 by Burton Performance Pistons - AE ref 18400V1 +0.060 Head - Early Cortina 1500GT, crack tested and converted for unleaded, with hardened exhaust valve seats and bronze guides, by Burton Performance. Crankshaft and connecting rods - Cortina 1500. Main and big end bearings standard size. Fitted with new HD shells. Camshaft and followers - New 1600GT (Kent Cams P103/P104 - Formula Ford spec) Oil Pump - Standard Cortina, fully checked Flywheel - 105e Anglia (std) Distributor - Lotus Cortina (new) Carburettor/Inlet Manifold - Std Cortina 1500GT, fully overhauled. K&N filter. Exhaust Manifold - 1500GT modified to fit Ford 100e In total, the parts and machining cost me around £1,300 in 2004. Cash on collection please from north Herts (SG8). A 5% donation of whatever I get will be made to BSC. Pete
  4. These are the same as fitted to the Anglia 105e (4 speed), and 100e Anglia/Prefect/Popular (3 speed) gearboxes, and are usually found on eBay. Failing that, try Small Ford Spares.
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