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  1. After having a broken ankle I have only just started driving my Cortina's again.I was unable to drive for 11 weeks so it was good to get them out.First choice was the Mk2 as it has a nice easy hydraulic clutch for my recovering left foot.Took these pics last weekend at the Forth Bridges.
  2. Must meet up sometime.The guys from Scottish Old Skool Escorts are starting back montly meetings at JEM Engines Falkirk next month.Wednesday 21st March if you are interested,More Escorts than Cortinas though.
  3. Cheers Guy's .Yes this is the Odeon ,Dunfermline.My son works there.
  4. Its there to enjoy.It was my everyday car for most of last year!Just enjoying taking it out with the new engine.
  5. I really have gone to the Dark Side by fitting the Vauxhall XE 16 Valve engine in the old Cortina. A strange thing happened today when I went to pick up my Son from his work at the Odeon Cinema.They were showing Star Wars 3D. At the Odeon Where did they appear from? Its a Vauxhall My son Scott Keeping guard over the Cortina Others get it too! A Vauxhall engine in a Ford ... now that's not right! Tie Fighter Pilot wants to test drive the Cortina MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU!
  6. kryten

    Cortina 16V

    The old Mk1 now has Vauxhall power - did I just swear- damn good engines.It certainly perks up the MK1 no end.Should have kept it Ford? Mind you it replaced a 2L Fiat Twin Cam - that was no sloutch either.My cortina already had rack and pinnion steering and as the XE engine runs an ECU and coil pack there was no need to cut up the bulkhead for the distributor that would poke out the back of that engine.Also has a type 9 5 speed ,so looking forward to some long runs now. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XuCTzPpCklM
  7. I need a new Gearbox mount for my Mk1 Cortina,it's fitted with a Fiat Twin Cam engine and Fiat 5 spped box.I think it's a Fiat 132 mount but not too sure. Can anyone help to identify the mount in pic below or know where I can get one? The rubber (held by 2 bolts) has gone soft with oil from breather.
  8. Cheers for the reply guys.Its not for me its just I got this e-mail from a wife of I guy I know who has a 1600E .The -email reads Grant(1600E owner) has been talking about wanting to buy a hydraulic steering system in the future that he has seen for his 1600E and wonder if you can help?. I do not know where to purchase this but we both have a mutual friend who's brother runs a garage and has done previous work on Grant car. He advises that if I can find out where to purchase the system he can fit it for Grant as Grant has mentioned to myself he has found some information on how this can be done. I would love to be able to surprise him on Christmas day so if you can help could you reply to my email address which I have sent from keeping it a secret. Not sure what she means by a hydraulic system? but going to e-mail her back?
  9. Anyone have any experience fitting an electric assisted power steering system to a Mk2 steering column?Any info would help.
  10. Cheers I'll check that out.
  11. Can anyone confirm if I have the right coil for an early 1600E,I know its a ballasted system and i think someone has fitted the wrong type. Its an INTERMOTOR NUMBER ON COIL IS 11220 - IS THIS THE RIGHT ONE? Would really appreciate if someone can confirm this for me.If its not the coil I suspect valve problem as car ticks over and runs well in 1st and 2nd gear but has a sort of misfire under load and at higher revs.One of those problems that is hard to pin point!
  12. Some great photos there. Heres a few I took a while back
  13. kryten

    snow tyres new

    Pity they were not smaller as I could have used them today in the snow.
  14. Nice Anglia shot in the snow.That one looks real. Here's a few more of my collection out in the snow today.The photo was taken on the roof of my Blue Fiesta and it looks like a frozen river.
  15. Deep snow here in Fife,
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