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  1. got a set of chrome gl / gxl wheel centers for mk3/4/5 set of 4 whcih will polish up well £10+P&P or can bring to the yat
  2. got a motorcraft pinto electronic ignotion kit for sale dizzy needing cap and a large section of the loom £45 + the P&P or could bring to the yat
  3. hi there there is a twin pipe sender unit on ebay at moment thanks for the info but im after the whole unit
  4. twin pipe fuel sender mk5 2.0 needed asap any help would be great thanks
  5. Definitely a case for shorter dampers. If you call Spax or someone like that with the spec they should be able to sort you out. Worrying though, who's springs are you using? They're usually long enough. im useing lowering springs form burton power
  6. hi all ive lowered my 2 door mk5 by 2" all round and it has a 2.3 rear axle but when i jack the rear up or put it on my 2 poster ramp at work the rear springs become lose so you can move them freely have i done something wrong in fitting them or is there some thing i can do to stop the axle from going down as much as it will fail the mot as it is any help would be great as its almost mot time thanks
  7. were m16 brake caliper fitted to a all mk5 cortinas and were they any good i need to buy new calipers for my 2door was thinking m16 or wilwood kit depending on cost and fi there any good has any one any good break up grades for mk5
  8. found em :) fatrob83@hotmail.com PM me your addy on here and i'll post em monday :) pm on its way
  9. hi all im after mk5 2 door seat belts just gone to fit mine and cant fint them any where they seem different to normal ones because they slide on a bar along the sill i was thinkgs would mk2 fiesta one fit think i had a simular set up in my old xr2 any help would be great thanks
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