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  1. The car is now SOLD. Thanks everyone for looking.
  2. Its still for sale and I live in Southend on Sea.
  3. 87,000 miles 4 speed all original. There are brand new spares to go with the car incase there ever needed (Complete clutch kit, new rear shoes etc.)
  4. I am selling my Cortina which is in excellent condition inside and out.I have been to several shows and people always comment on the excellent condition. The car drives very well and you can go any where in it. In the last couple of weeks I have been on 4 long motorway journeys and the car sits happily at 70 mph all the way. All the tyres are very good and I recently fitted new Pads, Discs and Bearings to the front. Any test drive welcome.The MOT is till January 12th 2006 and is taxed till end of September 2005.The only thing which will be missing is a radio. Price £595. You can call me (Ivor) on 07963875803.
  5. You can also try changing the temp sender in case it is giving a false reading, I have had this before. Make sure you get the right one as despite what some people say they do differ. It is possible it could be faulty or have the wrong one in.
  6. Took my new stat out today and checked centigrade stamp and it was an 88c. I took it back and they changed it for an 82c. And as it didnt have the air bleed hole on the side I drilled a 1/8 hole. Refitted and it bled much easier. Needle on guage now sits at about twenty five too mark now instead of twenty five past mark. So I think drilling the bleed hole in stat is a must do even when bleeding like I said last night.
  7. By the way, you mentioned head gasket, but if it was that it would blow water out with or without a stat. Make sure your rad cap is ok (not weak and lifting).
  8. I use a CO meter on mine for the mixture and the carb is a VV. Make sure you havent got an air leak on the inlet side. Bleed rad how I said cos the heater rad is above (higher) the rad cap and you will then know the system hasnt got an air lock.
  9. I had the same problem with my 1300XF after long journey at 70mph. If I stayed at 50mph it was OK. To cure problem I took out stat and run the car till warm, then took hose of bottom of rad and run garden hose through the rad till clear running at bottom hose, then reversed the process, garden hose full blast into bottom of rad so . came out the top. Then remove engine block drain (under exhaust manifold) and blast garden hose into upturned bottom hose till block runs clear and then reverse again, garden hose into block. Then re-connect hose and refit block plug and added Halfords rad & block flush and leave it in till you have done 20 to 30 miles then repeat the flushing as before. Now fit the stat. Another tip when refilling system to avoid air locks is to remove top heater rad hose from heater rad and hold it up high while filling the engine rad to the brim, and while still holding the heater hose high replace rad cap and then continue topping up into the high heater hose till water runs from top of heater rad and then quickly replace the hose. This avoids air locks in system especially when some stats now do not have a tiny bleed hole in the side of them. One other thing to note is that turning on heater when bleeding does nothing because there is no water valve, it only diverts air flow through the heater rad.
  10. I am booked in for both shows, 3rd & 10th the later being my birthday. Give us a knock and we can drive down together.
  11. Yours cant be very good then. :smashcomp:
  12. When I used to work in a garage they always went by the colours of the threaded part.
  13. Actually that lad always stops and looks at my car when I am working on it and he always says 'thats a real smart motor mate', every time.
  14. Yes I do live in the same road and our house is brown also. I normally park directly outside the house. Feel free to knock if you like. Why wasnt your car in history on wheels last week. Theres another show at Priory Park on the 3rd of July which I am going to try and get in and I am in one at Ashingdon School on the 10th of July.
  15. Follow the link to Cortina parts on Ebay from this sight and there are some on there.
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