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  1. V6Ghia

    Mk4 /5 wanted

    There is a mk5 estate just listed on ebay needs saving and doesn’t look too bad, also a very cheap mk3 Crayford. Two good potential projects.
  2. V6Ghia

    FREE mk4 doors

    Thank you Rob, it was good to meet you, hope to see you and your car at Monmouth next June.
  3. What colour is the interior, and is it cloth?
  4. Unfortunately I won't be going due mainly to problems with builders, I have not had chance to check over the cars and get one ready. Really didn't want to miss this but will go in 5 years.
  5. Looks a great car and a good buy at the new price. I am surprised this is still for sale. I would love to buy it if I had more space and less Cortina's.
  6. It also has a 1980 model radio although the hazard and rear demister switches are from a 1982 car. This does look like a 1980 model, the colour looks more like Solar Gold than Champagne Gold. It looks a very nice car but looks like it should have a V or W registration. Was it on a private plate from new? as it was not unusual for cars to be reregistered with the latest number plate until August 1983. None of this is meant as a criticism, it looks a very nice car.
  7. It is usually a two week trip and this is very leisurely, you can stop at any time and do not need to travel in a group so can do whatever suits you, people have taken young children in the past and it has been no problem. It is easier now as you can fit a screen to the rear of the seat for your child to watch videos and everyone has mobile phones so will not be far away if you need any help.
  8. I would estimate around £2,500 for two sharing a car and rooms, this is 14 days accommodation at approximately £100 per night, fuel for 2000 mile round trip at approximately 25mpg then beer and food money. You can reduce this by camping a few nights as we did on the last trip. It is more expensive than a package holiday but very much more enjoyable, before I went on the first trip I thought it sounded expensive but have done several trips since, they are great value for money if you like Cortina's as driving is what they are made for and the company and scenery on these trips are amazing. I will be up for the 2017 trip :thumbup:
  9. V6Ghia

    cortina carousel

    Exactly what I was thinking :thumbup: I am glad it has gone to a good home.
  10. V6Ghia

    cortina carousel

    I thought this had sold but it is back on gumtree with the same nutter selling it.A terrible advert that would put most buyers off! It looks like it may be a good buy but I would not want to deal with that seller. May be a good buy for someone very diplomatic and patient! :rolleyes:
  11. V6Ghia

    2.0s cadiz trim

    I thought it was Hans who found the seats. The European seats will be the same as UK spec. South African seats are different although the cloth is the same.
  12. Early XR3's had the same spotlights as Cortina's with the metal back. The ones for sale were on XR3i's I believe they changed on date not model, I am not sure of the exact year of change as I am not really interested in cars made after 1982 ie after Cortina production ceased and the plastic backed spotlights were definately after 1982.
  13. Mitch is correct these are from around 1984 on and are not original Cortina ones but were sold by Ford as probably a direct part number change as I was given similar ones by the Ford Dealer when I bought replacements for my GLS in 1989 as there were none on it when I bought the car.
  14. Very nice :thumbup: Mk2's are my favourite Capri's and it looks great in Roman Bronze.
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