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  1. V6Ghia

    1967 Corsair

    Looks fantastic, the latest picture with proper wheels on is a huge improvement and look great. A really stunning car, it looks like it is now ready for you to enjoy all the hard work that has gone into it, I would also spend hours just looking at it and sitting in it if it were mine.
  2. Fantastic progress in a very short time, looking forward to the next update.
  3. Same here, I have too many cars but couldn’t bear to see them destroyed.
  4. Looking good Mark, it would be good to go out for a run in the cars when lockdown eventually ends.
  5. Great work 👍, it is getting very close now. What colour are you going to paint it?
  6. Fair comment, if it does a good job it is a useful addition. I like your car and dogs🙂. You are correct it would be boring if we were all the same, I hope I did not cause any offence.
  7. I agree with Kevin, these look dreadful, can’t blame you for making a few quid it is astonishing how people pay big money for tat! I bought a Cortina with one on in 1994 and took it off straight away, sold it for £10, I also sold a rear Louvre off the same car for £10 it is unbelievable what these sell for now, I was happy to make a few quid and improve the appearance of my car at the same time. I bought the car from Scotland, both cars I collected from Scotland were covered in tat, I am glad yours are not the same Kevin😉
  8. Great work, it will be fantastic when finished.
  9. Great progress, it is good to look back at where you started from, fantastic work.
  10. Great work on the door. The wing looks a good buy. Great progress 👍
  11. Nice work. This is a great update, I really like estates, you are doing a great job.
  12. Looking good and a lot more solid now. Will you be keeping it Royal blue?
  13. I have it Mark, remind me to email it to you. The car is coming together well, great to see the progress. Keep up the great work.
  14. Great progress 😎. It is great to see such quick progress, keep up the good work I enjoy the updates.
  15. Looking much better now, keep up the good work.
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