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  1. Just had my struts rebuilt to adjustable coilovers with 200llb springs great!
  2. Cool by the sounds of it that is what i need How do i get the payment to you, do you have paypal, and what do you soak it in? ( Yes I know I sound really thick now!) Cheers Phil
  3. Thanks folks I am a bit more confussed but have been given a few numbers so will give some a ring on monday Thanks for all your help
  4. Hi all I hope someone can help, I have a 1966 Mk2 was a 1300 deluxe, but is now running a 3.5 V8, The steering is still running a steering box, but the top of the colomn, just behind the steering wheel boss is a rubber bush. This has completly disapeared. and now the steering wheel moves up and down, Can you still get these or what are people using instead? Any help would be great Cheers
  5. Hi I wonder if anyone can help Just started to strip the mk2 down to re wire the car and found there is no heater blower fan, it has been removed to house an internal brake servo as it now has a 3.5 Rover V8 fitted, Dose any one know of or haow to fit another in the smaller space left ? The heater is still there but no fan! Any ideas would be appreciated cheers Phil
  6. Cheers guys what a great welcome, 1966 I still can't belive I now own a car that is 43 years old, had it out again and running needs setting up but wow!That sound of the V8 Any pictures you want no probs just ask, but I was lucky all the hard work has been done, engine and gearbox, radiator all in just finishing touches, hope to be at classic ford with her, and the cortina day
  7. Cheers folks, yep it is that car, and a great base will be on the roa in april just in the process of painting the boot lid and bonnet,the front end is in for a change to
  8. Hi everyone I have been told to come on this site from the guy i bought this baby from I have wanted a mark2 for about 10 years and now have the one i wanted 3.5 v8 rover lump up front and a good base to start Just wondered if this a common transplant? Dose any one have a l/h front indicator in good condition was going to refurb this but is pretty bad thanks phil
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