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  1. Cool by the sounds of it that is what i need How do i get the payment to you, do you have paypal, and what do you soak it in? ( Yes I know I sound really thick now!) Cheers Phil
  2. Thanks folks I am a bit more confussed but have been given a few numbers so will give some a ring on monday Thanks for all your help
  3. Hi all I hope someone can help, I have a 1966 Mk2 was a 1300 deluxe, but is now running a 3.5 V8, The steering is still running a steering box, but the top of the colomn, just behind the steering wheel boss is a rubber bush. This has completly disapeared. and now the steering wheel moves up and down, Can you still get these or what are people using instead? Any help would be great Cheers
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