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  1. It sounds as though you are after the 6 bushes that go at each end of the rods. These rods are the real weak point in the linkage, the bushes if you replace them are not the whole issue. On my auto I had trouble finding the funny clips that hold them onto the rod. If you decide to go the way of replacing the 6 rod bushes then send me a P.M.
  2. What bush is it you require? Is it the ones that go between the rods in the linkage, or the one at the bottom of the linkage that goes in the selector part?
  3. Fantasic photos, bringing back some great times with good friends. Thanks for posting them. Having said that I didnt enjoy getting that wet. However if you look at Mike and G, they apper to be enjoying it far too much.
  4. Brilliant, so many memories. All good times and great friends. If I knew how to put up pics I would.
  5. Nice pics Pete, good to meet up with you on the trip. Glad you got home ok, we kind of lost touch with you for a while. How about putting up the ones from the roof of the Hotel Cortina?
  6. Yes, indeed shocked. :shocking: I wish you well with the sale.
  7. I have a decent roof at the back of the garage.
  8. I got done by this last weekend. I took home made cake and every thing. But I still came away with a set.
  9. No Piccies, no price, not much info at all. Is he trying to sell these? New or second hand, anyone?
  10. If you do it in the Crayford you will have to put your helmet on.
  11. Yes the nut+bolt got me home ok. DBY was owned by the son of MR G Robson's publisher a MR Nick Blunsdun thats how it came to be in the book.
  12. Pages 78 and 79 for the Silver Twin cam DBY
  13. As G.O has said we have already looked into a route that will hopefully suit most people. We have changed it from previous trips because if you have done the trip before, you might not want to do the same trip again. We are also aware that it is not only us petrol headed guys that will be on the trip. We have been very busy contacting many hotels at various standards and trying to find a suitable level between comfort and price. I too will be at Stratford-Upon-Avon at the weekend and am more than happy to discuss any requirements or issues you may have concerning the trip. All being well I will be in my silver MK2 Lotus.
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