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  1. Taz

    Mint 2.0 / 2.3 Ghia Auto

    Apologies,...it’s a MK5 I’m after and I don’t know how to edit the post
  2. Taz

    Mint 2.0 / 2.3 Ghia Auto

    Still looking ...
  3. Taz


    I have a set of brand new NOS still in the factory boxes but obviously they are not going to be cheap ...Littlenewt ( Jim ) has them at the moment and I can’t remember if it’s 4 or 5no I have ...Anyway just a thought
  4. You must be a mind reader ...just emailed the seller and asked those exact questions re rust etc...I saw on the mot history
  5. Im still looking for a mk5 Ghia Auto while we are on the subject but not paying 10k for one 😱
  6. As the title really ....All the best Taz
  7. Taz

    mk5 2l ghia auto

    I thought that ...it also doesn't have the 3 stripes under the side mouldings .., not that it couldn't have had a bit of paint over the years ...lovely car , lovely colour but agree it looks though it should be on a 79 / 80 plate
  8. Recaro Chatsworths ?..Now where have you seen them before 😁 ...
  9. Im pretty sure Littlenewt could do with these for the repair on his new Mk5..I have just text him to let him know about your post
  10. Car has now sold ...thank you for your help Jim
  11. That's Funny ...as you can tell I'm not a great sales person :rolleyes:
  12. Hi ...I purchased Littlenewts Red MK5 Cortina from him to use on the Belgium beers and chocolates tour to which she performed faultlessly ..since the car has been back she has been valeted and put into storage and covered in the static cling film/plastic ....this isn't a profit making exercise at all and would like to get £2000 firm for her .... Jim fitted a new rear axle and a brand new carburettor to her before I collected and also supplied a new MOT with no advisories and 6months tax ....so I guess she has around 10 months ish and 4 months ish remaining on the pair ...wouldn't have a clue how to post pictures but maybe people who might have some might possibly do this please ...she is very nippy and drives faultlessly .....Oh and she has a lovely GL interior and body work is excellent ....I think she is an early 1979 on a "V" not a lot else to say really but I know she will just sit there and that's not brilliant really ...kind regards Taz 07770613987.....the car is Located in Dorking Surrey
  13. Hi Guys ...These people were absolutely fantastic ...charged me the cheaper of the 2 quotes when they could have easily gone with the dearer of the 2 quotes ....It is like BRAND NEW with a new cap and new over flow pipe ...they even arranged collection and delivery back for £20 all in ...stunning service ...highly recommend
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