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  1. Taz


    Apologies...they were upper slam panels
  2. Taz


    I think I’ve got NOS upper valances ...will check
  3. Hi All looking to buy the 2 front thin chrome outside top door trims ( driver and passenger side ) please for my MK5 Ghia please ...best wishes Taz 07770613987 taz@zonexhibitions.co.uk
  4. Hi All looking to buy a rear door for a MK5 Cortina drivers side please ...closer to Gatwick / Dorking the better ...MTIA ...Taz taz@zonexhibitions.co.uk
  5. I am so so sorry for the late replies to everyone I thought I would have received an email when someone answers your post ....sadly I need new or mint plastic ones as it’s going on the restoration of my 2.3S that Jim Aldridge ( littlenewt ) has been doing for me over recent years ...again apologies
  6. As per the title really , best wishes Taz 07770613987
  7. Taz


    As per the title really , best wishes Taz 07770613987
  8. Stunning Car ..you have done her proud 👍
  9. When she is in the UK Bill can you let me know ...best wishes Taz
  10. Hi Bill ...sent you a PM ...best wishes Taz
  11. Taz

    Wanted Mk5 2.3 ghia

    Could you keep the feelers out for me please also ...best wishes Taz
  12. Taz

    Wanted Mk5 2.3 ghia

    Join the que ...LOL
  13. Hi Guys ...I’m looking to buy a single nice ish 13” Minilite 5.5j x 165 please for a spare in my MK2 Cortina 2 door 1600 GT please ..kind regards Taz taz@zonexhibitions.co.uk
  14. Nope ...it’s a Signal Orange 2.3S currently in its 6th year of restoration...watch this space ...
  15. Absolutely right ...it is just obscene the attention to detail this top Gentleman has put in ...I absolutely love it and have every MK of Cortina now
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