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  1. Well done mate good to see you're back on it. D
  2. Hans, good to see you made it home mate
  3. Hi mate, thats a nice origonal mk1 you have there looks like an interesting project ive seen cosworth in mk1s before, a lot of work they dont go stright in! shame to cut a good shell imo but looking forward to seeing the build if you need any advise send a pm Dave.

  4. you having a clear out mate? have you got a rear valance for sale by any chance


  5. cheers :showoff: looking good perry, keep at it mate, a lot of work there.
  6. Normam Thats a nice bit of work there, i like negative camber idea, keep up the good work. :thumbup:
  7. Thanks so much, yes i would like to buy the book, do i contact the seller? im sure thats what you have in mind hans? i never exspected this, we need to catch up over a few beers i think its a shame youre not in the uk eh. i have just started working on one of the cortinas would you like to see some pictures ? i know other peoples photos can be boring but i never get bored at looking at restos of cortinas :cheers: :Dave
  8. mk1 dave

    fat steels

    Hi john what size wheels and tyres did you use in the end ? are they 50 profile. cheers Dave
  9. mk1 dave

    mk1 4 door

    I got 7 doors for a 4 dr will av a look see tonight whats what £40 per door, all are solid not rotten (might need bit of tidying) im in south wales but going to the yat this weekend Danny Thanks Danny the best pair you have maybe, i was thinking about going to yat too, will have to see cheers Dave :rofl:
  10. mk1 dave

    mk1 4 door

    front doors for mk1 4 door cortina Thanks dave.
  11. mk1 dave

    mk1 doors

    some will turn mate, have to go to a few shows though D; :thumbup:
  12. mk1 dave

    My MK1

    Hi carl where did you get the leaf springs from? that pipe looks better mate. :closedeyes: Dave
  13. mk1 dave

    My MK1

    Thats a nice bit work carl. dave
  14. :superman: must be summin someone wants...i cant tidy up propper till its all gone hi Andy did you get my pm ? I'm at the retro ford meet Sunday/thanks dave.
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