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  1. Hi mate,I,ve got a 2 bold one, 20 euros
  2. MMm not sure, ill have a look in my parts pile,
  3. cortinaestate

    some bits

    Hi ive got a good working solex carb of a mk4 1600 for 15 euroscontact me at:taunustc@live.nl greetz Reinoud
  4. Hi i live in Holland Meerkerk (near motorway jucktion a27/a15 )
  5. Hi, youre looking for the early type(3 bolt water housing bolted on to the inletmanifold,) or the late type 2 bolt type with elektric operated choke? i've got both of them will sell seperate, cheers Reinoud.
  6. for sale, pair of front bumper overriders with headlight washers, complete with tank and pump, contact me on: taunustc@live.nl
  7. mk5 saloon roof liner undamaged good condition 1x factory sunroof version 1x non sunroof version. contact me on: taunustc@live.nl
  8. for sale 2 litre v6 cologne engines, contact me on: taunustc@live.nl
  9. got a nos one, yours for 50 euros contact me on: taunustc@live.nl
  10. granada mk2 fitts straight in
  11. Hi ive got a pair of '82 ghia crusader seats in cocolate brown with the pop out head rests, must have a mk5 rear window rubber some were but havent seen that one for ages, must have a look arownd for that one, contact me on: taunustc@live.nl
  12. its a used one butt very clean condition it's been on the shelf for over 20 years
  13. cortinaestate

    mk4 panel

    nos mk4 2 door right quarter panel/ rear wing, contact me on: taunustc@live.nl
  14. mk5 sliding roof panel, no vinyl type, good as new, went in to the car nos 2 years ago other parts avaleble, breaking complete mk5 ghia saloon, contact me at: taunustc@live.nl
  15. complet set of 4 door rubbers to fit the mk5 saloon brown interior side, contact me at: taunustc@live.nl
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