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  1. You can swap imperial & metric stufs the spline is a different size too. Some RSv4:spokes require the flat type with washer ( definitely the MK1 escort these are correct style for MK3 cortina where as the fiesta supersport is correct one for MK4/5).
  2. I'll see if I've one that's any good.
  3. No problem I always happy to help with advice, parts, hands on ,etc. I'm not a business the name is a joke as I've 7 1/2 cortinas & 40 years (😱) of modding, restoring & general messing about with MK3/4/5/p100's.
  4. It depends on how those miles where accumulated if it was a lot of short journeys not really getting warm it could be worse than one that's done a high mileage. Normally an engine of this era would need a rebuild at around 70 k. The best thing would be a good service & a compression test. This is very simple job with basic tools & a Haynes manual. Plus if it's not had hardened exhaust valve seats fitted the 30+ years of unleaded & now the gnats q15$ that we're fobbed off with as petrol won't have helped Where are you located? Can give help.
  5. Sorry don't get online til evenings, nope only got a fuel gauge.
  6. The other thing that will blow the oil cap off at higher engine revs is worn bores/rings allowing compression into the sump until enough builds up blowing cap off. Check with a compression test. If it's this then a rebuild or engine swap is only real cure. A temp solution would be a catch tank.
  7. Ok I'll re check but don't think I've got a temp one. If not there same in all the ones with that cluster MK3/4/5 & MK2 escort.
  8. Just to confirm it's fuel gauge as title says temp. We old people are easily confused. You can PayPal craig.walker6@btinternet.com then let me know address to send it to.
  9. Got one £12 Inc p&p
  10. Yes I was referring to the single rail box in 4 or 5 speed flavour. The MT 75 shares no parts with the earlier type box. But the Speedo & clutch cables will connect to them. & the larger spline clutch is the same.
  11. All I know is that there's 2 types/size of box & you can't swap the Speedo drive between them.
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