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  1. There's no escaping my clutches mawah haha cough splutter.
  2. They fit onto the flange of the upper front valance then the upper adjuster is held by a selftaper to the flange under the slam panel.
  3. No problem pm your address & I'll bung one in post.
  4. Thought it would be rusted in I've used heat on casing to loosen its grip.
  5. Fiat bravo used to be ok for partial repair , cut the inside of a door (it has to match for door to fit ,if that makes sense) for various cars over the years.
  6. Cut it out & try matching it to something in a scrappy ( if you can find one that will let you in).
  7. Probably this is one that's always a pita the code is Sierra for UK cars but Cordoba for genk built. On the plate on pass side of slam panel it may say sie or cor as a further clue.
  8. Can't fault you ,sorry for delay on posting bumper the weekend was a complete nightmare.
  9. Yes should be a Borg Warner can't find any specific info unfortunately. It will probably be easier to swap to a UK 1.6 saloon axle (3.89:1) from any MK3/4/5 if it is damaged. It could be just a halfshaft bearing you'd have to get the part numbers of the actual bearing then any decent bearing suppliers should be able to get one or give them the dimensions.
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