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  1. No problem, keep checking in never no what I'll come across.
  2. Top tint was only aftermarket have you tried autoglass etc,surprising what some have knocking about. As per parts list all mk3-4's plus Mk5 EST (only) all use the same screen.
  3. Yes mk3/4/5 I supplied the pattern late 90's very good fit but as said not cheap.
  4. If it's 1.3/16 yes . Same as Capri but not escort.
  5. Can't understand it, there are several dedicated ford mags, everyone immediately goes Sweeney car if they see a Granada, mag editors say circulation notably rises with a classic ford on the cover,etc. Dunno if the still have but vexhill had a dedicated show unit that attends large shows helps with all this sort of thing. Yet their attitude over here is dismal???
  6. Ford uk lol,🤣 help old car owners lololol.🤣🤣🤣 Helped them in the past & when asked for the tiniest favour in return it was begrudgingly given with an infered message of we've (publicity dept) a very tight budget so don't ask again. Meanwhile the members of the press were being fawned over. This is a UK thing from what I can gather as overseas it's a polar opposite when it comes to classic ford interaction.
  7. The 5th & 6th letters are build date . Ie BABFLT the LT would signify L 1980 T april
  8. Saloon or EST as rear seat backrest is different rest is same.
  9. It's not one of Burton powers dodgy sumps is it? Believe there's been loads of complaints about them.
  10. Ah didn't realise it was one with spacer.
  11. Striker plate mount for a 4dr/ estate rear door on top of wheel arch.
  12. That's very high, bolts are usually level with floor.
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