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  1. Got these 2 types ,the one on right is usually at rear near tank.let me know which & pm your address & will get one in post.
  2. The MK4 one is the same (MK3 centre is different though).
  3. If there both saloons then it's the same back box for all 4cyl MK3/4/5's EST are different as are 6 cyl ones.
  4. Yes preface-lift s sloping dash probably lower spec should have a white sticky label near one of the bulkhead plugs with part number on it.
  5. That it would be one of the facelift ones .I'll check tomorrow.
  6. Don't mind the Louvre I've got a MK3 one but always hated those grilles (dunno why) one came with my crayford but never got fitted sold it.
  7. Might have the levers can you post a pic?as 1.3/1.6 used two types.also which side as they are handed.
  8. Yep you need a 2.0 atlas for a 3.75. To bend both shafts I'd say going over a kerb at 90 degrees at speed, possibly a spot of dukes of hazard jumping (but I'd expect the case to be bent too from the latter).
  9. Think that's preface-lift as that looks like the dash plug in bottom right of last pic also the red bulkhead plug makes me think so too. Ifso you need to know what year & trim level it's for . As they changed in 72 & there's 3 specs levels (saloon) 2 for EST then manual or automatic.
  10. Doubt that would cause it to bend.
  11. No luck thought I might have some left.
  12. Probably which type the domed or flat half nuts. Put a pic of end of arm.
  13. Might have I'll check 4/5 are the same.
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