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  1. Try eBay.de or gatorbil or pm Hans he might be able to help, you'll struggle to find specific taunus TC 1 parts in the UK as the weren't sold here new except to special order. Think I've a pair of 2.0 V6 headgaskets.
  2. Is the front to rear plastic one think I've the return too, which steel one the preface lift that runs below rad or facelift that runs below engine across cross member. The inlet is 8mm the return 6mm.
  3. Saloon or est as there different plus early & late saloon are different too.
  4. Got a GXL boot trim panel & clear indicator lens.
  5. Same as MK3 & early MK4 ohc with Weber carb.
  6. There was one by autobooks (can't remember number as my copy isn't handy) but it's basically the facelift MK3 manual with engine section from MK1 Granada to cover the Essex V4/6 engine.
  7. I've got some £40 pair.
  8. Only early ones had them.the original pads are only about a mm thick they're just to stop rubbing.
  9. All MK3 seats are 2 door ones & therefore tilt yes even E ones.
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