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  1. Got MK4/5 4dr & I think 2dr that side & 2dr mk3 pass side.
  2. Floor carpet are all same unless you meen boot carpet ( MK3/4/5 are same) which is different from saloon.
  3. Sorry thought I'd replied can only find dark brown.
  4. Should have gear knob, which side mirror as their handed, no overriders ( hard to find & expensive), sold last centre cap last week. Might have a console which clock early are white finger late orange/yellow. Got other stuff too.
  5. Sorry can only find dark brown Ghia ones.
  6. Only export market mk3's got a factory sunroof.
  7. Far as I know only them & expressed do MK3/4/5 floor pans.
  8. Isn't it easy Kent who do door cards in beige for the E they must be able to get it.
  9. Sorry appears only one left ( black plastic) & p&p will make it £10!
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