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  1. Some late mk5's ( the ones that have the master cylinder with narrower bolt spacing X/Y reg)have a different make BDE as opposed to girling (lookswise too) to the others ,they will work exactly the same though..
  2. Yep I've got a pair onmy GT & bakkie they were for MK3 & MK1 Capri. Realised after Granada is different. Knudsen refers to the designer "bunkie" Knudsen who also did the 69 Mustang check out the dash & steering wheel in one.
  3. Spoiler will sell no problem on eBay for good money.
  4. Yep landy one, won't be a problem you could swap fitting for a right angle one, spin servo 180* so it's at bottom.
  5. Unfortunately that was always an optional extra apart from runout models. But was the drivers mirror on the continent saw bit more common check eBay Germany, France,etc under MK1 Granada, taunus TC1.
  6. I emailed the auction house when it was for sale but obviously they didn't give a toss as long as they got their comission. Its history is known to a few individuals who have an interest in unusual cars.
  7. Make sure the seals on both sides of bulkhead (for the air distribution box pictured) are good, same for ones round heater matrix to box. The cable can become stiff/ rusty due to years of condentation best method with these seems to be remove & submerge in oil over night.
  8. Are these the same as std ( non RS MK1 escorts?) If so then there same as marina/ital.
  9. The car was in a serious accident in the late 90's destroying the shell, it then appeared on eBay a few years later as a pile of parts, logbook & an est rolling shell, then it appeared back as a 2dr "reshelled" ( only legal in a new shell) then started appearing in auctions as fully restored,no expense spared, etc with no mention of reshelled.
  10. If you mean the 2 round ones on drivers side of bulkhead on a MK3/4/5/P100 then yes. The engine bay side also locates them, they can be a buger to refit a squirt of your favourite lube (ooh matron) helps.
  11. Had this before seem to recall something with the indicator stalk not reconnecting the circuit when off this allowing the hazards to work.
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