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  1. Inner is same on MK3/4/5 saloon. Will check but don't think I've one left. Pretty sure I've a MK4/5 gen outer.
  2. iI've a vague memory of having this problem before & that it doesn't make since how it works! Will see if my frazzled old brain can remember.
  3. Water will come out yes, the sender should have a white insert in it ( there are different ratings with different colours as an identifier). There'd wire on int light is permanent live , brown is earth one should be screwed to mount other goes down drvs pillar the to door switches. On 70's fords the wires are ( except MK1 escort they use 60's codes & ithi k MK1 Capri/transit too) Red permanent live, Black live with ignition on, Brown earth.
  4. As said I've fitted loads & never heard of this it's not mentioned in any literature in factory manuals for MK3/4/5/P100. Or escort,Capri,etc.
  5. No need to disturb dash other than to work on it or ducting.
  6. I'd check the wires for live & earth ( live grey/yellow, earth brown, bulbs too) for heater/lighter as their joined, int light relay is in that area ( as I said it's aYellow one). If lighter is working check bulb or the grey/ yellow feed . As bulb either shares brown earth wire or earth's through metal body of lighter socket. Does yours have illuminated hrw/hazzard switch's & ashtray? As ifso these share same live/earth's too ( which I think later is on an extension down to console also containing clock ( on Ghia, & auto shifter light. These may have been mixed up). One bulb out/ missing shouldn't stop others working though. Live/earth for int light are in drivers eyeball vent area check they're clean/ connected ( red live, brown earth). Gimme a ring if not midday onwards except tomorrow.
  7. Quite & few BL stuff use LHD wipers messrina/$hital for instance also rear wiper arm often are.
  8. Heater one should be a grey & yellow same as dash lights etc & work via light set ( so if sidelights etc work no fuse). Int light not working at all is usually one of two things wires not connected correctly at light. Or some late X-Y (82) reg ones have a delay relay (yellow 4pin) roughly behind centre of dash make sure the earth terminal for it is tight ( heater light may use same earth).
  9. You'll get to heater bulb easier with glovebox removed on a Mk5 . Temp sender is near frt of cylinder head on a a 4 pot has a red/white wire to it.
  10. Pmd you don't get online til late evening.
  11. Yep send me the key & locks it's £5 per lock plus return postage.
  12. Might have one will check tomorrow
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