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  1. Yep they seem to be unique to the MK4/5. 30 odd years of maintaining, modding, restoring mainly MK3/4/5/p100's. Mechanisms are as said by globe so parts are shared with be of the period.
  2. Never been able to find another that fits there always wrong on one dimension. Always thought someone good with glass fibre could do with making a skin to fit the internals to.
  3. Ah go on go on go on you know you want too.
  4. Have you got a pic? Will try to sort some tomorrow of what I have
  5. I've got the internal distribution box & controls,fan & matrix, probably most of pipework but I don't think I've a box left. Pm nmonkey he broke an estate recently.
  6. Can probably help if for a 4dr. which material are the door cards velour or York? If it's a 2 Dr as per your I'd than you'll only get them in velour from the continent out of a taunus TC3. You may eventually find some York ones in the UK.
  7. Welcome, do you want a certain model, colour,etc?
  8. That's a grey crusader int ,the two blue versions are navy or a lightish blue .
  9. The only way you'll get that part is from another shell,luckily MK3/4/5 are all same, unfortunately most will be in similar condition.
  10. Sorry don't get online til late Got a pair good nick, rubber usable £20 plus p&p which I would think is probably £10-15 due to length.
  11. Should have some but rubber will probably be split but new ones are available.
  12. It's a bar that bolts above & below the side widow only ever an optional extra in the UK. Your best bet will be one of the continental eBay's under taunus TC 2 & 3. Hans "consul315 "on here might be able to help. Next best option is mk3-4 escort EST .
  13. Got the wiper panel £18 Inc p&p. Might have the rubbers will check tomorrow. Most of the card for behind seats are shredded by now but will check ( last one I posted was something silly like £20 due to size!). Your better trying to find a big piece of card (from some packaging) & some Matt black paint. I don't get online till 9ish or gimme a ring midday onwards Craig 07766634012
  14. Got a correct clock £25 Inc p&p will check it's working as most packed up years ago.
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