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  1. If you find a source for these I'd be interested too.
  2. These were rare in period never mind now ( most bits are shared with Mk5 except bottle/bracket).
  3. Inn is slot better all-round, wish I could get a full setup for my 302
  4. Presume you have inj? 2.3 will also fit. If complete I'd stick with the inj you only need to mod tank for pump done loads.
  5. I'll check tomorrow & let you know but have that much stuff easier for you to let me know what you need once you have one
  6. He's not kidding re fitting! Perhaps at half the price! Looks to need a bulkhead/tunnei!
  7. No cradle but have various bits. The prefacelift MK3 has oval tierod bushes same as MK1 Granada ( only avl in poly version) all others have round ones. All other bushes & parts are the same see parts list at the top of tech section. You probably don't need an arb. Some low spec prefacelift MK3's didn't have one & therefore the tiebar doesn't have the mounting lug so you'll need a pair of these ifso.
  8. The part numbers are Front 71BB 5L489 AA Rear 74 BB 5L 490 BB There one of the few bits not shared with other fords. Unfortunately no one specialises in MK3/4/5 cortinas so you'll have to just try round general ford specialists . Probably easier to buy another bar ( any size) & remove them, be careful as the rear one is ally & easily cracked/ broken.
  9. To best of my knowledge there all same size just the bush varies to accommodate the size of bar.
  10. Yes same it should be in the parts interchangeablity list at the top of tech section.
  11. What happened to my reply? 5th & 6th letters or babtSM so the SM would be date letters don't obviously print here but if you want to pm me it I can tell you.
  12. New genuine ford tan vynil handbrake gaitor for MK3 2000E £30 Inc p&p One small mark as per pic
  13. Middle is same as saloon but rear is est specific ( V6 the join is a mirror image so make sure you get a 4cyl one).
  14. Has anyone got or know of a zetec silvertop flywheel for a 1.6/1.8 (MK1 Mondeo,Mk5/6 escort) in South Yorkshire or willing to post.
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