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  1. Sorry no luck all missing or broken. Didn't someone on here recently find a place that sold this sort of stuff?
  2. Will see if I've anything on an old bumper.
  3. It will but I think you don't get od/lock up so it's back to 3 speeds.
  4. Got the moulded pass wheel tub piece £10 Inc p&p
  5. Will see if I've anymore but only one in draw. Just gimme a kiss at Christmas. Pm your address
  6. Sorry yellow one is 2nd hardest to find, firechief is hardest. My one with parts missing is someday going to become my GT already got correct ford 302 V8 to go in it. eBay is your friend not cheap £50 + unboxed.
  7. Which one ? How many? Got a couple of left ones, but only that one on the right.
  8. I've run the setup on several mk3's with STD & aftermarket wheels . On my MK3 GT for 30 years & half that with the 302 V8 I've run with mk3-4 escort solid discs on the rear with Sierra/Granada rear calipers. With gen MK3 Cortina RS 4 spokes.
  9. Ok no problem it will strip down to the size of the 2 baskets I'll get you dimensions/weight over weekend.
  10. But only same size pad, I use the Capri vented disc & Granada 2.8 vented caliper (M 18 again) pad is about 40% bigger & still fits inside 13 in wheel. Any kit that will fit (available) mk2 escort/ MK3 Capri (depending on wheel diameter) will fit a MK3/4/5. Also the rear disc kits for Capri atlas axles ( as used under escorts) will again fit when used in conjunction with a Sierra disc brake cable.
  11. That will be a Sierra one then.
  12. The one higher up is MK3 Granada. Sierra has a big dip in it.
  13. Same as 2.0/2.3 mk2 Granada ( some 2.3 estates are vented).
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