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  1. There's two types one with a short loom & one without.
  2. MK4/5 are the same,don't forget there handed.
  3. Quite a few places sell the letters as they were used across the range from mid 60's to mid 70's. I think a place called classic reproductions has the shield inserts or Hans can probably tell you of a supplier.
  4. Pedal boxes are interchangeable,I've used a mini master cylinder before sunk into bulkhead.
  5. MK3/4/5 saloon are interchangeable.
  6. He's near thorersby Nottinghamshire.
  7. Got the handle gaskets just nsf?got bonnet stay from it & clip.got the gutter trim but can't post it won't make it unbent.
  8. All same only real difference is manual or automatic choke.
  9. Got a twinchoke manifold & 4 branch £50 the pair.
  10. Do you mean the steel Frome/springs or material? As base/l are different in pre & post facelift but XL/GXL/E are the same across all years. GT tombstones are unique but again same for all years ( note during 74 XL type were fitted to GTs). Material wise it's more complicated due to trim level/year/cloth/vynil/colour. So you need to be a bit more specific. The driver seat is interchangeable ( get less wear & tear) with passenger one only the tilt lever is on the opposite side so is a better bet. I've a black prefacelift base/L cover with a small tear (easy repair) £25 plus p&p if any use or can take to Cortina day in a fortnight.
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