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  1. Only export market mk3's got a factory sunroof.
  2. Far as I know only them & expressed do MK3/4/5 floor pans.
  3. Isn't it easy Kent who do door cards in beige for the E they must be able to get it.
  4. Sorry appears only one left ( black plastic) & p&p will make it £10!
  5. Got some will check if there's a full set.
  6. These are the ones for the 2000E/MK4/5 Ghia armrest/door pull. The GXL's have the briefcase handles which are similar to the tabs that the self tapping bolts go into.
  7. No, gen ones continue under back seat ( normally you see a triangle under car). Far as I know only ever avl from ford, probably only other source will be expressed panels if they make them ( either way won't be cheap). I've only got one.
  8. Do you meen that's inside door behind door card? Then yes have a set will sort a pic shortly.
  9. Yes quite possible as the 86 is the date the part was introduced.
  10. I've had to make loads over the years from a bit of plt although not for years.
  11. Getting hard to find but same across the ford range. Might be going to a jumble sun will see if any there & get details.
  12. Sorry no luck all missing or broken. Didn't someone on here recently find a place that sold this sort of stuff?
  13. Will see if I've anything on an old bumper.
  14. It will but I think you don't get od/lock up so it's back to 3 speeds.
  15. Got the moulded pass wheel tub piece £10 Inc p&p
  16. Will see if I've anymore but only one in draw. Just gimme a kiss at Christmas. Pm your address
  17. Sorry yellow one is 2nd hardest to find, firechief is hardest. My one with parts missing is someday going to become my GT already got correct ford 302 V8 to go in it. eBay is your friend not cheap £50 + unboxed.
  18. Which one ? How many? Got a couple of left ones, but only that one on the right.
  19. I've run the setup on several mk3's with STD & aftermarket wheels . On my MK3 GT for 30 years & half that with the 302 V8 I've run with mk3-4 escort solid discs on the rear with Sierra/Granada rear calipers. With gen MK3 Cortina RS 4 spokes.
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