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  1. Got a blue 2dr MK3 if any good? Done this stuff before
  2. Got loads of stuff, but 2.3 V6 has always been scarce/sort after due to its use in 2.8/2.9 & 24v conversions. Unfortunately there's no alternative & not enough demand/profit for the aftermarket to produce ( unlike MK1/2 escorts). The ohv loom has things in the right place except the ignition ( you can unwrap the loom & exit the wire at the bulkhead before rewrapping adding one for tach) being mounted at the rear for the cologne V6 but ohv MK4/5 are about as common, but the loom as rarely saved due to lack of wantability. That ad is from 13 years ago! & They were getting scarce then! & The parts market has changed immensely people now want NOS stuff more than they used & most parts cars are overpriced & rotten/worn out in ways that they weren't commonly. The youngest European ones are now 39 years old with the oldest mk3's 51 which I still find hard to comprehend. It's a case of searching long & hard or modifying what you had/can find. Last year I spent several days making a basic loom up for one of my projects ( due to not having both halves for a MK3) luckily not being a std car helped as I didn't need to incorporate the large bulkhead multi-plugs but still had to use wiper motor & stalk plugs.
  3. Will check think I've still get engine bay piece will check.
  4. If not think I've an engine bay look for a V6
  5. They where available as pattern parts you may have to keep trying eBay etc.
  6. Beware as MK4&5 innerwings are different re cradle mounting points & the Mk5 has a dip to allow clearance for the larger dia brake servo hole for indicator mount. The pass side is a MK4 the drivers is for a Mk5.
  7. No card template,will dig out tomorrow, then pm your address & I'll post a copy to you.
  8. It's only ever been available as part of the full inner wing, I make a template to repair them think I've only got the MK3 pre-facelift one. Should make the others as they varie between mk's
  9. You may get🤣 a different pair (in other words you'll get the rusty ones that where stored in the damp shed as I covered my ar$e& yourTo far away to do anything about it!).
  10. Your best bet will probably be eBay expect to pay £300 + new pattern & £100+ used ( new gen ford are silly money) their now scarce & saught after unfortunately.
  11. Ta but got to be a front as completely different shape.
  12. Has anyone got a scrap MK3 drivers door? Rusty or accident damaged 2 or 4 Dr I just need the front end of the inner frame (from roughly the lower Hinge mounting area to the top). It can be cut off (through the top & bottom of the vertical rectangular hole) to aid posting.
  13. If you find a source for these I'd be interested too.
  14. These were rare in period never mind now ( most bits are shared with Mk5 except bottle/bracket).
  15. Inn is slot better all-round, wish I could get a full setup for my 302
  16. Presume you have inj? 2.3 will also fit. If complete I'd stick with the inj you only need to mod tank for pump done loads.
  17. I'll check tomorrow & let you know but have that much stuff easier for you to let me know what you need once you have one
  18. He's not kidding re fitting! Perhaps at half the price! Looks to need a bulkhead/tunnei!
  19. No cradle but have various bits. The prefacelift MK3 has oval tierod bushes same as MK1 Granada ( only avl in poly version) all others have round ones. All other bushes & parts are the same see parts list at the top of tech section. You probably don't need an arb. Some low spec prefacelift MK3's didn't have one & therefore the tiebar doesn't have the mounting lug so you'll need a pair of these ifso.
  20. The part numbers are Front 71BB 5L489 AA Rear 74 BB 5L 490 BB There one of the few bits not shared with other fords. Unfortunately no one specialises in MK3/4/5 cortinas so you'll have to just try round general ford specialists . Probably easier to buy another bar ( any size) & remove them, be careful as the rear one is ally & easily cracked/ broken.
  21. To best of my knowledge there all same size just the bush varies to accommodate the size of bar.
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