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  1. For the black surrounds & lock pins or £5 for 4 of each plus p&p. Yes will try & get some pics to you.
  2. MK4 where black Mk5 some where black with silver border. On door pull surrounds. Both have black buttons. £1 each MK3 have chrome but now sort after & undamaged are hard to find.
  3. Which one? Wood, Plain black, Silver?
  4. Got it which do you need one with adjuster or without as there different?
  5. Is this for a Capri axle or a MK3/4/5 cortina version? As there different.
  6. Think I've one boot trim or can probably make you a template. Got gutter trims but impossible to post.
  7. Says you! It's not ment to be bitchy but being realistic, can't help the way it comes across when written. But what would I know only been doing this since the late 80's you obviously know the target audience better.
  8. It's all commonly avl stuff too,the headlight panel I sold last year about £30 ,a used points dizzy I get £10-15. The rest people now want nos or like nos. Last summer I must've thrown a dozen headlights as people now only want ones with ford on lense irrespective of condition of pattern ones. Similar for lots of other used parts I'd got hated doing it but was pointless storeing the stuff. These are toys now days so most want gen parts especially if there ones that are visible,pattern mechanicals & panels to an extent are ok for some.
  9. All cologne starters are 3 bolt the 4x4 ones supposed to be shorter but found various fitted to them.
  10. Prob got most of this ,which carpet low spec or Ghia/crusader? 2 or 4 spoke wheel?
  11. You'll be lucky to find any "S" material never mind a specific colour.
  12. Best bet is try eBay Germany, France etc under taunus TC 1/2/3 as they were more common on the continent.
  13. Sorry no luck was sure i had some spare tie bars, will check the washer draw.
  14. Do you need a full kit or everything except the bushes Think I can help either way.
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