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  1. Checked replied on 15th, sent a new message.
  2. The ones below battery tray are to hold coil using the same 10 mm headed self tapers that hold wings on. The other are for holding battery cables. Different Models/spec has/uses different ones.
  3. It's same as rear arm on mk1-2 Granada's .no numbers but all this stuff is in the parts interchangeablity list in section below.
  4. Ohv is 48 ins, ohc 28ins approximately outer cable.
  5. There are two types & two lengths the ohc ones are couple of feet the ohv fourish. Will try to check tomorrow.
  6. Found a couple pm your address and I'll bung them in post.
  7. Yes their right for rostyles & sports rims, I've got a few will check Tues.
  8. I had a very late 2000E estate in that's colour with tan interior ( didn't suit it. At all).
  9. No problem sorry to here that, my cat is 18 friendly, but loves to tease dogs has been known to calmly approach them then slap them across the face. She regularly barges past a neighbour's Yorkshire terrier when entering their house then demanding food ( which she usually gets) while the dog looks on in disbelief!😀
  10. Do you mean the electrical switch as there are two different plugs fitted one black one grey . One with spade terminals one with pins can't remember off hand which is which. The switch is actually the same. So if your good at soldering you can swap the plug. £12 Inc p&p have to check what I've got.
  11. Yes there's an adjustment screw on the rear, I've looked on & off over the years to see if a more modern mechanism could be fitted but the adjustment knob location is the problem. With no luck.
  12. Yes , you'll have to strip both mechanism's, rear have even less wear.
  13. You & every other owner of a preface lift clock lol.
  14. They've been selling slot of overpriced chinesium,is it leaking from the breather hole on the bottom of pump?
  15. To best of my knowledge no there the same only the carrier differs.
  16. That's the proper way ,support car & eng then lower subframe.
  17. You can use a manual one (it's just upside down)
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