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  1. So fitted the powervalve and it's gasket to the carb top along with the gasket that goes between the carbs two halves and fitted it to the car today. This is the scary bit...You need to push the carb top onto the bottom bit whereas before you just drop the top onto the bottom. This opens up the valve that sits in the bottom of the float chamber and will no doubt opens the powervalve so fuel is now dribbling into the secondary choke even though you don't need fuel there until you plant your foot to open up that second choke. Yes, it works and doesn't mess about when you rev it up to open the second choke, I just don't like the idea of fuel disappearing down a hole when it not needed. So next weekend I'm going to remove the powervalve gasket (not the diaphragm) and get the engine running and see what happens then.
  2. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/284570182703?_trkparms=ispr%3D1&hash=item4241b4642f:g:-a4AAOSwHvpbF84F&amdata=enc%3AAQAGAAACkPYe5NmHp%2B2JMhMi7yxGiTJkPrKr5t53CooMSQt2orsSwcmzw5CLtzTE60FqHcnq2FdCN3m6lg24ycxfREJkev%2BnGHYjd1i0%2F6tqzrqk7RZ6JZWsmHUej7MwUzRhJfr8HgP5YMaixwQ9uMTXcExsd9D%2BN96zGW4EoqQn%2FIOQaQTM3lRdM39drs%2Ffksr1RRbspjQ6xzSOO0kfOfpMuTnVKkX%2FH2zzWWx3JkRAzy5nFWcZ3FLavICtSW5Go3A3oZm2McfArRwmslJ2ZCtXqWD2J3DvTaNmYNgXeDPKJmR4eCnMgTTy9MATTNTsDTfKHs5ictkewiBILxg2ygakUv41f9t1y8lVeeI7gDfIOTaZxFpJpV66Gw4yLtHY9VaQXaabvvcUTXDfkwc6sDs3ibHQ975DE9T14id99n80mU%2FoKIqRnmALVXW2UHxcUfZHwK5hHWemDn5z08tzTftlcHfo7sopPKudRfFJcR1QL37K9qebkRhowKk4Kv9nxG9xsSDexw3naD1L3sDl%2BM1e8TUF5imWaebxdmX5vU30A4G78Q0qaC35oIkTAV4%2F6kEkcdZXLnSjdUOz4fCagvGQ%2BJM21ok3M8ZCWpyjKn9Lt%2BhQZj9nkBiRcun7cc%2BXiX8h56sdomYrmro5HJ6PK%2BC1gKbU%2BD3iSiNWEpqcURyX3N2cCb1jLrYloazTiz7qhW3u%2BuZCqn5DjQr%2FVXKUS00mxhDy1ZOq50tXEI3zQYRRgF3XhNGi6KjjSEHDyz4aJ9ru6P46bN5zPMyeNLNrIc5I7bIsDVoy1ZldvhMfrzAfZkP4JZVaxBojQXuEI5o2HXUOB6xoVeo9R3WKm51tzhbeXMQk4mqtFoDc3OsfyYfq11ksfmtm|clp%3A2334524|tkp%3ABFBMhMSShtFf This is the kit I got. Apologies, I got the company wrong. Should be Total Performance NOT Top Performance. £29.99 posted though they forgot to add the accelerator pump diaphragm in my kit. Not too bothered about that since I rebuilt the carb only 3 years ago using the Weber kit so it should, in theory, be ok...
  3. Bought this kit from Top Performance which comes with a powervalve and an extra gasket so that it opens up waaay more than the original. Moar POWER!!! Excellent!
  4. That was me though I think it was mentioned in your members cars thread John? Can't remember now. Over the last few nights I've been messing about with fitting a screw in barb to a carb top while the nights are long and the days are short. My barbs were very tight in the carb top and I've left the return outlet alone for now, but bit the bullet and did the deed with the inlet pipe. Here's what's left of the brass fitting after mucho messing about. This is the point of no return, so had to crack on and get the rest of the brass fitting out of the hole. This probably were I am a tad lucky as I have a small tub full of reamers and I managed to get most of the brass fitting out. Then I used a 9mm drill bit to drill the hole for the tap. In the last conversation regarding this topic it was mentioned to use a 9.5mm drill bit but I used a 9 and it tapped pretty well. Bit of removable thread lock and hopefully this should be ok.
  5. If that's a true Ghia it's missing a hell of a lot of parts that should be there! It's a mismatched pile of crap, sold to Mathersons on the prefix it is what it is... You pays your money and take your choice. Personally I wouldn't bother.
  6. Hi Tony I have replied to your PM. Apologies for the delay.
  7. I have two. The rigid Hella one and the flimsy cheapo one like what was on fleabay at 300 notes. Cheapo one has some issues like bits missing. £50. Hella one is £150 if your interested.
  8. I'd be temped to go manual. Autos zap TOO much power from the engine hence less MPG. At 70 MPH on the motorway an auto is at 3400 revs. Same speed in a manual and the engine is bang on 2000 revs. (5 speed).
  9. Wiring plug has probably come loose off the gearbox and / or the loom is too close to the exhaust so it's melted. Have you checked the fuses?
  10. Good luck Paul. Wish I could help with anything. Needs saving this one.
  11. Agreed. Also, JBW needs to buy the rights to the Interstate wheel off 100+ and reinstate the Interstate.
  12. Iv'e just Google mapped the area and the camp site is now all modern with a Nisa shop and luxury log cabins. So took a trip down the B846 into Aberfeldy and that traction engine is still there!! Though in a different spot.
  13. Iv'e not been up that way since a nipper. Grandparents had a static caravan at Tummel Bridge near Aberfeldy. We used to go up for a couple of weeks in the summer holidays. Dad had a hand painted blue HB Viva estate and he used to sit behind the Artic trucks on the motorway in their slipsteam. Aberfeldy park had an old Traction engine that the kids could climb all over, fall off etc. Happy days.
  14. Sorted fella. At least you'll get your full amount of money back and the seller can re-advertise them as for what they should be.
  15. Yes, should have put it in my previous post above. Mk2 XR2. There were 11 bids all together so there is interest in these parts.
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