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  1. Photos of the deep steelies. All are in good shape, had them on my car until I went for alloys. No tyres or center caps though. I'm in Bury, Manchester.
  2. I have a set of sports steelies if your interested. Dartboard style with the rim. Stamped 78AB so are Escort Mexico, RS etc. Will post some pictures up tomorrow. £300.
  3. F that. You Austrian classic car guys need to lobby the Government for exemption from road (TAX) fees. Or move to England and have all your collection on the road in no time!!!
  4. A sneaky pic of the sump. More next weekend.
  5. Thanks for the kind words guys. Ok, gearbox back in and some photos of how the cable now lines up with the modified clutch fork. I've yet to drill the arm for the cable as I want some cobalt drill bits and a new cable because the old one is a little tired now. Also going to try and find the plastic tube the cable runs through so it's not loose in the hole. Anyone have one spare?
  6. martog

    Mk5 needed

    Take the lot. £150.
  7. No, it's a genuine one that I got from the scrappy back when you could pull an engine out of a car, turn it upside down and let the oil run everywhere!! Cost me a tenner. Just bought a propshaft center bearing from Burtons though. Looks good and was cheaper than a local propshaft specialist.
  8. martog

    Mk5 needed

    Can't do full interior but I have grey loop pile carpet, door cards, armrest/doorpulls, and cappings if any of that helps.
  9. Following on from Nixzy's Technical thread about the 5 speed rubbing against bodywork, I have took the time to remove the gearbox to address a problem I have regarding the clutch cable / fork. I'm running an Escort RS2000 alloy sump and the cable goes through the sump not the bellhousing as normal. This made the cable veer off at all sorts of angles which although useable it was really heavy in operation. Some teaser pics for now, will update Sunday night when I get the box back in.
  10. Second picture shows the quickshift fitted. Basically an ally spacer between the gearbox and stick and the white plastic spacer just above the rubber cone thingy. It doesn't catch or rub anywhere though, I fitted new engine mountings and gearbox crossmember rubber when I did the engine / box swap.
  11. I also have the build yourself a quickshift gearlever.
  12. Welcome to the forum fella. Seems everyone likes to fit mk4 grilles to mk5's!!
  13. And door seals. This is drivers side front. We think we have this right. Big thanks to everyone for looking and posting. Very much appreciated.
  14. Thanks Hans! A couple of pictures of the bootlid seal, mocked up for now. Think this could be wrong, should the "bubble" bit be glued to the side of the inner frame?
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