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  1. Iv'e just Google mapped the area and the camp site is now all modern with a Nisa shop and luxury log cabins. So took a trip down the B846 into Aberfeldy and that traction engine is still there!! Though in a different spot.
  2. Iv'e not been up that way since a nipper. Grandparents had a static caravan at Tummel Bridge near Aberfeldy. We used to go up for a couple of weeks in the summer holidays. Dad had a hand painted blue HB Viva estate and he used to sit behind the Artic trucks on the motorway in their slipsteam. Aberfeldy park had an old Traction engine that the kids could climb all over, fall off etc. Happy days.
  3. Sorted fella. At least you'll get your full amount of money back and the seller can re-advertise them as for what they should be.
  4. Yes, should have put it in my previous post above. Mk2 XR2. There were 11 bids all together so there is interest in these parts.
  5. I'd clean them up and give them a nice coat of satin black and sell them on. You might get 20-30 quid.
  6. Looks like these brackets are for a Ford Fiesta XR2. Brand new boxed set just sold on the bay of E a couple of minutes ago for £54.
  7. Craig will probably know. Worth an ask and good luck.
  8. Does anybody think that mk2 Granada top spotlight brackets are the same as Cortina? I only ask as I'm sure my brackets came from a Granada and there is a white estate being broken for spares on ebay at the moment. Sorry I can't do the linkyclickythingy, item number 373667011113. Might be worth sending them a message to see if they could get the brackets off (intact hopefully) for a look.
  9. Top picture of the brackets is wrong, bottom picture are the right ones for the Cortina. They have an open "fork" so that the ball mounting on the spotlamps will slide into it. Genuine Ford spotlights will cost an arm and a leg if they are in good condition as you'll know, but as an alternative you could use maybe something like what's fitted to bullbars on 4x4's of the 1990s. Front spotlights on mine are from a Vauxhall Frontera, they are Bosch units with the correct ball mounting but have black plastic casings. Look a bit big, but you can't see them when in the drivers seat.
  10. I think it's how it is these days when you buy aftermarket stuff from aftermarket manufacturers. One size fits all. Also consider the huge range of different spring rates offered by the car manufacturers (hence colour codes) for the different specs of car and it's possible useage. Our kid wants GTTDI springs for his otherwise boggo VW Bora diesel because they are 30mm lower as standard. So it's off to VW he goes (with big pockets) because the aftermarket springs fits them all.
  11. As above. Beauty of a new one is that it's all supple and bendy!! Mine has quite a tight bend as it goes into the gearbox but the speedo reads fine.
  12. Welcome to the forum fella. If you need help just click on here, we always try to help. RJ is a Manchester reg (Salford - to 1974), when the regional reg numbers started to go to the bigger registration offices.
  13. Done it a few times like this and is pig to do. Frame off the car and turned upside down on the floor. Using bended knee, one can judge the resistance on the bottom arm for slackness which means you can get the springs out!!!
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