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  1. No worries fella. E-bay is probably going to be your best bet for NOS. All the best.
  2. I have these that I managed to find today. Both have scruffs and small issues mainly on the edges but are intact and still useable. Like a tenner for them plus whatever the postage cost is. Can find this out tomorrow. Cheers.
  3. If it's the plastic type I might have a spare set. Can't check until Sunday though. Can't help if it's the early rubber type, I guess these will be very rare now. They were fitted to mk4 cars in the first year or so.
  4. You need to paint inside the spokes because they then become seriously awesome.
  5. Nice!!! If they are made by 100+ wheels they are known as Interstates. I have two sets and i'll never part with them.
  6. Are you familiar with or know anyone within the Steeles removal company up your way? Those guys are or were prolific banger racers. Might be worth an ask. Never raced myself but was involved with a couple of mates that were banger racers and spent many a Sunday getting completely caked in oil and crap trying to get knackered wrecks back out for another spazmodic spree!! Did a few meetings up at Roosecoat raceway, with the Jerky Boys. Not done it for more than 10 years now, but seen that Dan Steele race some serious ..
  7. martog

    early MK5 for

    Good luck with the sale Paul. Is Hooley Bridge about to become executive housing???
  8. Yes, straight fit. You need space the caliper slightly using a 5mm washer between the hub and caliper and use longer bolts ( i used the tie bar to lower wishbone bolts, if you have a spare set). Standard pads are fine and you need to lose the splash shield and the back. Also, you will need the longer pad retaining pins as well.
  9. Hopefully full size. I have one on mine and just tucked one side under the other.
  10. Cheers Dave. I'll be catching up with you guys very soon.
  11. Hi fella, took a look and have 2 left. PM me your addy and i'll get them off to you. Cheers, Martyn.
  12. Let me have a look at the weekend to see if i have any left. Pretty sure i may have a couple. Not too sure if these are actually Cortina but those peeps who have had them off me havn't sent me any grief regarding them. Just a donation to this site and i'll get them off to you. Let you know Saturday evening. Cheers, Martyn.
  13. Good to know you still have this car. Iv'e been a tad quiet on here for a while and only done a few little bits to my mk4 over the last 12 months or so, but plan on getting things sorted for a few trips out this year hopefully. I must be the only person in the World to down grade a Ghia into an S lookalike. Usually it's t'other way round! Look forward to your updates.
  14. martog

    Cloud Interior

    Very nice. Would'n't mind that carpet.
  15. martog

    Door switches

    The end of the wire. Think of a ring terminal with a bit cut out and it's horse shoe shaped. Nowadays these terminals are U shaped. Nor can you get the little double ended spade terminal for coils etc. Would make life easier for converting cars to electronic ignition without cutting the plugs off original wires.
  16. Good luck on finding a original front valance for a mk4, these are none existant. Best bet would be a mk5 one and weld the four holes up. Magnum panels in Rochdale do them for £117 though they are cheaper at Motomobile in Germany at £79 though then you have to factor in the postage. Under rad support panel will cost an arm and a leg to buy too, keep your eye on evilbay or contact that Clomoco fella who advertizises on there and maybe see if he will do a deal. I have both bits (aftermarket), but want to keep them just in case i do a "shove a car up the bum with a tow bar fitted" scenario. Been there, done that! :blush:
  17. Had a check, only got one that's been blasted and powder coated, fitted with a new inner bush but will require a new ball joint fitting. The old joint has been removed so it's a straight forward job to just bolt up a new ball joint. Also have a rusty pair that will need a serious blast / clean up and the old bushes and ball joints binning and new parts fitting. £15 for the nice one or £8 for the pair of nasty looking ones.
  18. I have a few. Pretty sure i have a pair already cleaned and power coated, or some that will want a good clean up. Can check how many i have tomorrow for you.
  19. Let us know how you get on.
  20. Don't know to be honest. I have FORD letters that have the little spring clips on the back (mk2 type) and FORD letters that have a nut fitted to the pins and both Ds are the same 25mm between centres. Have you checked the back of the bootlid skin to see if anything has been done there like welded up holes or any redrilling etc?
  21. Nice car. Just what you need in this heatwave weather we are having at the moment. B) I have some Initial Ds here that are not new. Pin spacing between centers is 25mm.
  22. Tried this one tonight and it's fooked. Slow and fast speed work ok but it won't function on intermittant. Sorry fella. Aaj389 looks to be your man. :thumbup:
  23. Found you one but has seen better days. Rust around the four connecters and i havn't opened it though it could be alright. Can try it on my mk4 tomorrow night to see if it works if you like.
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