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  1. dlordy69

    Mk3 wing

    Morning all, I am in need of an o/s front wing or repair panels.
  2. It’s a 4 door, if you have these do you have the clips as well. Thanks in advance
  3. Looking for the chrome hockey stick trims for a mk3
  4. I've got one for spares but were done near London
  5. dlordy69

    Air pan & filter mk3

    Hello mate I've got the black one off a single/standard carb if that is any good
  6. Hi does anyone have an offside front bottom door hinge? :rolleyes:
  7. Hello mate the carb is still on the manifold if it's one your after all I want for it is the postage, it's off a 74 mk3 I'll have ago to stick a picture on. Cheers Darren
  8. Help mate I've got the carb manifold and air filter off a 1600 pinto standard manual choke and it was ok when it was last Used
  9. Can anyone help i have finished fitting a 24v boa engine into my mk3 and need someone who can take the engine loom and ecu off the rest of the of the loom and i have been told i need a speed sensor on the speedo cable as i have put in a type 9 gearbox, i am in the high wycombe area. cheers Darren. :smashcomp:
  10. Hi I've put a 2.9 in my mk3 will this arb clear the sump if so I will buy it. Thanks darren hello gazz any idea if this will fit my mk3, cheers Darren.
  11. Hi I've put a 2.9 in my mk3 will this arb clear the sump if so I will buy it. Thanks darren
  12. dlordy69


    I meant the scimitars do , some have 3ltr Capri numbers on the mounts and then others are totaly different not sure what they are off originaly . i brought the mounts back in january and only tried fitting the engine today so the ebay link is long gone and no more are listed on there. they are meant to fit 2.8/ 2.9 colonge engine but not essex v6.
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