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  1. Needs welding to bottom corner and and theres a hole behind bumper indentation. £20, pickup from killamarsh, sheffield
  2. I don't know, Ive only ever seen pictures, when you go and look at it check the useual cortina rot area's like flitchs panels, chassis rails, boot floors. etc
  3. Theres one on ebay in cornwall at momment Click Here i just sent him a message, i want go have a good look and go from there, i really like it tho :chain: thanks it was found in a barn last year that car laid up. there should be some picture of it some where on when it was removed.
  4. Theres one on ebay in cornwall at momment Click Here
  5. GDB

    scrap n/s mk3 wing bottom

    Hi Glynn, If you can wait until I sort out a replacement for mine you are welcome to my old wing mate yeah i have it mate if its solid at the bottom... but hopeing to get car ready for test by the end of the month so depends on timing
  6. I'm after a scrap peace of n/s mk3 wing bottom if anyone has it. must be solid cheers
  7. GDB

    Mk3 Choke cable ohc

    yeah ok steve ill send you my address via pm cheers glynn
  8. GDB

    Mk3 Choke cable ohc

    yeah mine had 1600 ohv in it originaly 2000 ohc now. it still fit up untill recently when the end frayed and I cut it back to much like a numpty.
  9. GDB

    Mk3 Choke cable ohc

    Oh ok then thanks very much :thumbup:
  10. GDB

    Mk3 Choke cable ohc

    Yeah thats the one it also has a steel coil tube that the wire runs through like on a push bike brake cable.
  11. GDB

    Mk3 Choke cable ohc

    part number 71BB-9700-GA haveing trouble finding one of these there doesn't seem to be any on ebay either
  12. I need the clip the goes on the end of the throttle cable that holds it onto the linkcage.
  13. GDB

    2.0 cambelt cover

    2.0 cambelt cover in blue if possible
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