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  1. Yes thought I would ask about before I try repair it
  2. Let me know guys about the bulkhead need inner bulk head end section to repair mine steve sd1
  3. Hi any one breaking a cortina need a bulk head inner section also looking for some mk3 doors please to save me some work repairing mine HELP please
  4. Did send pm asking pruce but had but no reply
  5. Hi any chance of photo of the xl gxl mk3 door trims please ( Intressed) stephendsd1@sky.com
  6. Thank you byt looking firs good used door
  7. Hi all looking for a Good used mk3 drives door for a 4 door please any help appreciated steve
  8. yes thank you waiting for a call from the seller
  9. Hi all looking for a ford now I have sold my tr7 mk3 cortina preferred but othere cortina mk4;5 maybe ? What have you please good or bad steve sd1
  10. Yes please that would be fab close to me to nice one asap would be fab many thanks steve sd1
  12. steve&lynette


    Hi all deleted post
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