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  1. The passion certainly is back. More than ever. This should be a nice car when finished fingers crossed.
  2. Hi all, In a weird twist of fait , I will be purchasing the Moose back. I sold it 2 or so years ago as I had to many projects on at the time. So it will definitely be going back on the road. I have big plans for it this time. Colour change, nice interior and a special engine. I cant wait.
  3. Pete C is after an early Cortina, blue 3 bolt air filter box. This is for Ruby that got burnt recently in an engine fire. Can anyone help please?
  4. Hi there. Are there any plans of getting this awesome machine back out again? I would love to see it in the flesh.
  5. Hi all, I have a 2.0 4 speed gearbox for sale from JBM . This was replaced with a 5 speed box. Gearbox mount included.£100 ono Collection from Haverhill Suffolk. cheers Andy. ***SOLD***
  6. Can I just say a big thank you to Craig again for sorting some centre console brackets out for me . Top man.
  7. Hi Dave. It was running rough. Burning some oil. I just couldn't get it set up right even after setting the timing correctly either. The car had been sat 11 years . I'm guessing it's a mix of valve stem seals failing along with valve seats leaking a little plus old head gasket. The surface of the cylinder head was a bit pitted in places. A 're surface and a head overhaul will do wonders. I have given the machine shop cvh valve stem seals to fit when they reassemble the head.
  8. Well the mk3 was running so poorly I had enough. So I pulled the head off and took it to a machine shop to be tested, overhauled and have unleaded seats fitted. It will also be skimmed which will be much needed given the poor condition of the surface. In other news Craig came up trumps with a set of centre console brackets for me. I have had a centre console for quite some time but no brackets to mount it with. Thanks Craig. More updates coming soon folks.
  9. Definitely be there either in this or the Moose. I do love Monmouth weekend. RT1006 have I met you in person?
  10. Spot on. While I was borrowing it for a show I took the opportunity of taking a pic along side my MK3 and of course the Mondeo lol.
  11. Just maybe. If not the MK3 will be coming along. I have a good crowd of friends who have offered to come over and help go through parts, figure out wiring etc. Once the wiring is in and the glass is in it will be easy for me to finish off.
  12. Here are a few more pictures of the mk3 and the work Ive done so far. I have had to sort the wiring so It would start. I renewed the brakes and brake hoses. I did the head gasket, fitted a new radiator, thermostat and water pump + belt. I rebuilt the twin choke carburettor it came with, fitted an electronic ignition and a new battery. I have gone through and sorted bad earth issues on the lights. Inside I fitted a set of inertia reel seatbelts. I have the welding to sort , exhaust to fit and then it is mot time. I hope you enjoy the pics folks.
  13. It has been ages since I posted on here. As some of you may know . I sold the MK4 to a friend. Here is a more up to date picture of it now. It has been made to look like an Onslow replica.
  14. I just thought I'd update the thread. It's hard to believe that it has been over 2 years since I picked up the moose. I haven't done masses with it but I have sourced a few parts. I have a complete interior, a few wiring looms. The engine brakes and master cylinder have been done and I got the rotten bit of sill welded. Maybe with some help I can get the old girl on the road this year. Who knows hey?
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