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  1. Are these for the mk5 or mk3 Craig? Also do you have a GT 4 pod console bracket?
  2. Hi there everybody . I wonder if anybody can help with my parts quest. I am after a set of centre console bracket for a mk3 and a mk5. Both armrest with the lid type. Can anyone help please? Cheers, Andy.
  3. Hi guys . I am after mk4 sunroof mechanism. One side of mine snapped last year at the ace cafe.
  4. Are they lowering springs or standard height?
  5. Wow . thats ten times the amount I paid for the whole Car . :shocking:
  6. I see. Not sure I want cut springs lol.
  7. If they definately are 2 inch lowering springs i have a set of 40mm lowering springs i can swap if u like?
  8. Hi again. Once I dig the bonnet out I will take lots of pics for you and post them on her. Then if ur happy I will post it. Andy.
  9. If you give me a week or 2 to dig it out of the back of my garage I shall Put some cardboard on it and send it up to you. It is right at the back behind a car, interior,tyres , doors and tools.
  10. Hi Christina. I have my old bonnet from my mk 4 you can have. It has a couple of dents in it and surface rust underneath. It is solid tho! Let me know if u would like it. I'm in Haverhill Suffolk. Andy.
  11. Hi there I have some standard mk4 springs. Obviously they are the ones on the right. You are more than welcome to them if u think they are ok. MK3 4 & 5 springs are the same I think. Cheers Andy.
  12. Hi guys I've got a Bonnet of my mk4 for sale. will also fit a mk5 too. Its in Apollo green with a couple if dents in and some surface rust on the underside. I'm open to offers. Cheers Andy. Here is a pic of the car when it was it had the bonnet on. I'm in the Cambridge area.Thanks
  13. Best of luck with selling the car. It needs to be saved.
  14. Onslow78

    mk5 saloon springs

    Hi there matey. I have a pair of springs I have just taken of my mk4 with 62000 miles. Here is a pic of them: Obviously the originals are on the right. How does £20 + pp sound ? If u want them that is. :)
  15. Hi I will be taking my 4 speed box out so yes I will have a 4 speed crossmember spare.
  16. Hi there. I'm after a cortina auto gearbox mount for a type 9 conversion. Cheers.
  17. Onslow78


    Hi there. I will have a 4speed coming out of my mk4 soon. I have just made a deal on a 5 speed box. Dont suppose your auto crossmember is going spare is it. U need one to bolt the type 9 in with.
  18. Done break it. Otherwise that will be another cortina gone. What sort of price are you after? If you put a rough price that you are after then people can go from there. :thumbup:
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