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  1. mick scriven

    Lotus Collage.jpg

    Brings back memories. First LC I ever sat in and it started the cortina love afair.
  2. mick scriven


    Mk1 Cortina quarter bumpers, brackets and bolts ( new ) Wheres the best place to get these?
  3. Hi. I cant see the pictures at the moment but could you email me pics and details to mick536@icloud.com please? Ta
  4. Thanks mate they have been called.
  5. A mate needs one badly so if you have one in very good condition or new that you can sell, let me know please. Mick.
  6. Thanks for that mate. Must admit, I would only have them with the hub caps on but I will look for originals first now. cheers
  7. Sounds good mate. What was the issue with the wellers then? would like to know before I buy any. Did you take this car to Ford day at beulieu?
  8. Mine is just about exactly the same and I'm thinking about the steels route too. Weller do them at a reasonable price I think
  9. Nothing wrong with that car either mate!!
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