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  1. Much of a difference to ride height? I really love the stance at present and much as I would like lighter steering, I don't want to alter the stance. Thx
  2. Passenger side suspension top mount is creaking and steering is heavy (heavier :)) Undecided as to whether I can or should replace both sides with roller top or just go a replace like for like. Anyone know if the roller types fit the Mk2 Cortina? Thanks
  3. Found the posts, thanks for the help 😊
  4. Apologies if this info is in here already, I have searched but didn't find anything . The 4 speed gearbox in my 1600E series 2 has started to make a noise. Slave cylinder is also acting up even after a rebuild. I have a type 9 5 speed already and was planning on taking the plunge. Can anyone help with all that would be involved. Driveshaft, speedo, bell housing, pressure plate, clutch. Hydraulic or cable clutch, will I need to change pedal box. I do know I will need to adjust the gear lever position. All help appreciated Thanks
  5. The MKII and 1600E Owners club have them available (need to be a member) or Neil at www.105speed.com is selling them for Mk2's now also.
  6. I upgraded my Mk2 1600 over the winter after having a number of points issues last summer. As one reply suggested, I got the electronic ignition from a Mk2 Fiesta (1986 - 89) use the coil also. Apart from running a new wire from the ignition its a direct swap. The car has run excellent ever since and has the advantage of Ford branding on it. I paid equivalent of ~£25 for the lot.
  7. I'm thinking of upgrading my dynamo for an alternator on my Mk II I know this has been done many times but just wondering if anyone knows a link to a site that gives alternator details. wiring changes etc ? :rofl:
  8. Are laminated windscreens with top tint for Mk2 Cortina's still available out there?
  9. this filter is for ESCORT-FIESTA-MONDEO-SIERRA-P100----DIESEL 1.8 Thanks
  10. Just pop down your local motor Factor for a Coopers Z27A there not dear? I have some other filter brands but seeing as I have 2 Motorcrafts, I would like to use them if they are they correct type. Thanks
  11. I have 2 Motorcraft oil filters with EFL 344 and under that 1039 021. Anyone know if this will work on my 1600 x/flow? Thanks
  12. Maybe I'll mod an escort back box. I don't want it sounding too raspy though! :cheers:
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