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  1. Is this any good? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Mk2-Ford-Cortina-Heated-Rear-Window-Glass/383713375749?hash=item5957197605:g:kN4AAOSwkkRfWR4b
  2. on mine the boot floor extends to the back of the lip on rear panel making a 3 layer sandwich between rear panel and valence from wheel well to tool kit well. Someone on here should know if that is normal or an "aftermarket accessory"
  3. Yes please, post photos here so we can see. Don't do FarceBook.
  4. Windscreen insert set for me please.
  5. Had a few old Fords but could only find photo of one of them. This would have been 1981 ish, so doubtful still around. If it is its probably running around as a GTHO replica.
  6. austwombat

    roof aerial

    Might be a bit more 60s/70s than 70s/80s, but how about this? My link
  7. Looks very similar to the van I had when I first got my license. XW Falcon Van. Still had drive-in theatres in those days. (This isn't the actual van, don't think I have any pictures of mine)
  8. Like from me. It looks good. Have it whatever colour you want.
  9. Selling their genuine NOS stuff? Thought they used them to make their moulds?
  10. austwombat

    help needed

    Ah, First thought was never heard of one, but its just a falcon ute Why don't you try someone like this: clicky
  11. All you need to do is edit what you have in the post above and it will work. get rid of the first http:// on the left and get rid of the last [ / img ] on the right
  12. Doesn't look like its anything to do with the images on photobucket.
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