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  1. Is this any good? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Mk2-Ford-Cortina-Heated-Rear-Window-Glass/383713375749?hash=item5957197605:g:kN4AAOSwkkRfWR4b
  2. on mine the boot floor extends to the back of the lip on rear panel making a 3 layer sandwich between rear panel and valence from wheel well to tool kit well. Someone on here should know if that is normal or an "aftermarket accessory"
  3. I think self driving cars are further off than people think. (Or at least they should be) Scope for programming mistakes is enormous. Can't even control the altitude of a Boeing 737Max jet properly and that is only in 1 axis. Sounds simple doesn't it. Very little to hit up there.
  4. No problem, always difficult to remember how things were by the time you go to put them back.
  5. Was hoping to add electronic ignition to my Xmas list, but I have no idea what distributor I have. https://www.aldonauto.co.uk/ignition/ignitor-i There looks like a few possibilities. It is quite difficult to get in close, but I can't find any identifying marks on it. Does anyone know what distributor this is please?
  6. unfortunately the search doesn't like short words less than 2 chars so can't search on type 9, but if you search on type and speed and mk2 you'll get lots of hits returned.
  7. That is one beautiful car, but my personal favourite would be the XW Phase 2. Pipedream though unless I win EuroMillions.
  8. That's not a pickup, that looks like a proper UTE!! :rolleyes: :rolleyes: Nice One. FALCON???????
  9. It is a good question. Don't know the answer, but they didn't change the name. Looks like only 13 colours in 1969 manual. 28 in the 1968 manual. Maybe the accountants got involved???
  10. In my 1969 workshop manual, Anchor Blue is listed as BJ. In my 1968 workshop manual, Anchor Blue is listed as CW.
  11. They are a lot more useful in a country with sun!
  12. This is the Australian lot. My link Next time you visit Australia make sure you fly with emirates. They give you 30kgs luggage allowance, even in cattle class. Plenty of weight to bring back a couple of sets.
  13. Yes please, post photos here so we can see. Don't do FarceBook.
  14. Windscreen insert set for me please.
  15. Try this thread, not sure if series 1 & 2 was the same My link
  16. Just measured mine. Unless I got it seriously wrong the aperture was square. I made it to be 517mm X 517mm + or -1mm
  17. Had a few old Fords but could only find photo of one of them. This would have been 1981 ish, so doubtful still around. If it is its probably running around as a GTHO replica.
  18. austwombat

    roof aerial

    Might be a bit more 60s/70s than 70s/80s, but how about this? My link
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