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  1. corsair

    track rods

    Looking for a pair of track rods for Mk1 Cortina or Corsair. No ball joints but must have clamps. Anybody got any?
  2. All your pictures are upside down looks nice though
  3. I had to alter genuine Ford bumper brackets to get the bumpers to fit right on my Corsair
  4. I have a pair of Manta Recaro seats that I need to get out of my way. Been under the bench for years, I am never going to use them. They have no fabric facings but do have the vinyl and all brackets and fittings. Head rests are good. No Recaro badges. Foam is not to bad, drivers bolster is split but been glued together again. I say again FREE to someone who can collect, North Norfolk area.
  5. Thanks I am all sorted now. Available from Bresco too
  6. Does anyone have one of these please? Mine has gone missing waiting to be fitted for 6 years!
  7. Sort of, I made a pattern and had a mate thread it and bend to the correct angle so the wheels dont touch on lock
  8. Save yourself grief and do away with antiroll bar fit a tension strut like this and add an anti roll bar on drop links like I did with a Mk2 Cortina
  9. When I fitted a new one to my Corsair I had several wrinkles around 10. I got a small syringe and injected each wrinkle with a very small amount of water as recomended in work shop manual and then with a hair drier warmed them up and within seconds they vanished. The backing is cotton and the water/heat shrinks it and draws the plastic lining tight. Pictures before and after
  10. I have 2 pairs of cast track control arms for sale, from Corsair but fit mk1 Cortina of course. £100 pair posted
  11. I used BUTYL SEALANT MASTIC TAPE off ebay to stick my memberanes on you can roll it out thin as you like very sticky same as manufactures use also stuck my door seals on with it
  12. I had it welded up by local marine fabrication shop. Took it in at 10 in the morning it was done by 3 in the afternoon cost £15 super service, makes a change. Now waiting for Fiesta space saver to arrive from ebay
  13. Well this car has fought me all the way. Got it set up at Courtenay Sport in North Walsham where I live. It is driveable but the electric pump is not the best and it gets noisy and then the engine runs lean, so new Bosch pump on the way (as an aside the pump came from Car Builders Solutions and when I fitted it the large terminal was negative and the small positive?) Also the exhaust is not big enough so a fix is on the way for that. It spent two days at Courtenays, I collected it and did a couple of things on Saturday ready for our Club Rally Sunday. Went out and big vibration, prop come loose. So went home and found not only the prop loose but the diff flange nut had come undone! Fixed that and set off Sunday morning all ok. Stopped at Barton Mills on A11 for a wee, came out and bloke said do you know you have a flat tyre and as we watched it went down rapidly. No spare but can of repair and air except it did not fit the adapter for my flush fit tyre valves, bum! Call to breakdown services who came well within an hour loaded up and took me to Kwik Fit Thetford where they looked at it and said they did not have a tyre in my size. He investigated and found a 1/8th broken drill bit in the edge of the tyre. He managed to plug the hole with an unofficial fix without even removing the wheel from the car blew it up and all was fine. Decided to risky to carry on so got taken home. Big thanks to Brentacre Insurance and their breakdown team and Manchetts Thetford and their very nice Lithuanian driver.
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